Dragon Quest XI Likely To See North American Release, X Not Coming Westward

Hardcore Gamer: We recently spoke with Yu Miyake, executive producer and longtime chiseler of JRPG goodness, where we confirmed both exciting and dreadful news.

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ValKilmer1296d ago

Ugh, I was still holding out hope for Dragon Quest X...

Looks like I'll have to start up my Rosetta Stone lessons again.

3-4-51295d ago


DQ11 should be a FOR SURE thing over here in the US.

Still somewhat good news though.

* We will see DQ 10 on the next Nintendo console, as a single player experience only.

-Foxtrot1296d ago

How can you just pick and choose whether or not to release a new instalment in other countries of such massive franchise.

No wonder Square Enix is declining

MrSwankSinatra1295d ago

Even to this day as a merged company, Enix is still screwing over western fans on game localizations.

Summons751295d ago

Maybe we can get Nintendo's attention and they can start bringing them over like they did for Bravely Default. Probably low chances but just a thought.

TekoIie1295d ago

A digital release is the least they could do.

slasaru011295d ago

Looks like this is because of online.
The game sucked even in Japan.

kalkano1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

I just looked up the sales numbers (vgchartz; take it how you will), and WOW, it barely broke 1 million (Wii and WiiU) in Japan! That does explain this decision, and also explains why they're now bringing it to 3DS.

Hopefully, that version also flops. Obviously, there's no such thing as too much evidence of what we actually want from JRPGs, because SquareEnix seems to be ignoring it all.

Gemmol1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

@kalkano the sales do not explain the situation, although its on Wii and Wii U, it should be join by the 3ds soon which will improve its sales......but the sales is not why its not coming its because its a MMO.....look at Square Enix financial report they have a great fan base they are not losing money from the Wii and Wii U Dragon Quest X their making money and making a lot, 2 financial reports in a row and money is increasing from the amount of subscribers they have........the reason why they not losing money because everyone who went on line to play still play it to this day, so thats a healthy amount of money they get each month from the big amount of subscribers......this why theres so many expansion pack, if you look back a few articles another expansion pack is coming out.....a dead game do not keep getting features and long as people keep paying each month, they will keep making if it was just a regular game then yes you can say the sales are low

The crazy thing is......I still want the game even if its a MMO and I want all those expansion packs that came out, they added some really cool stuff to the game, if they cannot give us the game at least give us those features in the next DQ game

kalkano1295d ago


I think you're right and wrong. Your points are logical. But, with Dragon Quest you can expect less sales in the west than there are in Japan. WiiU is also struggling, and Wii was a very casual oriented console (especially in the west).

So basically, while it may be a minor success in Japan, it would be a horrific failure in the west.

Dragon Quest 7, on the other hand, is on a successful handheld in both regions, and would make a tidy profit in both regions.

kalkano1295d ago

Wasn't interested in the MMO, anyway. But I'm STILL WAITING FOR DQ7!

LogicLee1295d ago

It's weird that they'd skip entire entries in the main series, but I guess I'll take what I can get.

comebackkid98911295d ago

Dragon Quest VIII Remastered for the 30th Anniversary and Dragon Quest XI PS4 exclusive pleeeeze.

DarkZane1295d ago

PS4 would be the logical choice considering it's the best selling out of all three, especially if you plan to release it in North America and Europe.

Gemmol1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

no ps4 sales are bad in Japan so that throws out your word of logical choice.....if anything Vita, is a better choice than the ps4 but even that have low sales too so both is no good.....I see it going to the 3ds just like dragon quest 9 went to the DS and sold a whole bunch.....3ds sells games the best in Japan and they have long legs, look at Yokai Watch, came out a few weeks ago and still selling.....while other games for ps3, vita, wii u would show up for a week or two then move down the list.......

The second best choice is the PS3, since it have more customers then the Wii U it becomes the second best choice, games that come out for ps3 do sell......

The 3rd best Choice would be the Wii U or Vita, but I am leaning more on Vita, but lately since Nintendo be making games for both 3ds and Wii U like smash bros, monster hunter 3, One Piece Unlimited Red and etc, they could do what they did the last time, for example Dragon Quest 10 is on the Wii, Wii U and now 3ds and all 3 games connect together, what you do on the 3ds transfer to the Wii U or Wii, so you get to pick up where you at on any system and that can be a major factor in bringing it to the Wii U because they can bring it to the 3ds

now this is a more logical response

JSDude11295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Who's to say that DQ XI has to be on one console? DQ. VIII had awesome graphics that ~still~ are impressive so either console could probably handle XI, especially if it's a single player experience mostly and not an MMO. WiiU and PS4 should both get it, IMO. This game wouldn't tax the processing power of either console to the point of not handling the game.

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