In Light Of Recent Events [Destructoid On Updating Policies For Disclosure]

Dale North, Destructoid's Editor-in-Chief, posted a short message this morning clarifying the site's stance on disclosure and relationships between press and developers.

North says the following... "We also ask for disclosures upfront as part of our employment paperwork.

Destructoid is but one voice among an echoing canyon of reverberating noise right now. We can't magically resolve all of the issues that plague the videogame industry. But, we feel it's important to disclose some thoughts and policies that the staff holds dear."

Following the recent admission from Gearbox Software's Anthony Burch about his ties to the writers of Destructoid over his work with Borderlands 2, Darren Nakamura reiterated that Destructoid has requested that staff pages will be updated to better reflect disclosure between those working in the industry and those writing about them.

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