Skyrim Gets Closer To CG Quality Visuals, Gionight Shares New Mind-blowing Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Gionight is well known for his amazing modded Skyrim shots. Some of you may hate him (for not sharing his ENBSeries settings and the mods he’s been using to capture them) while others will love him for his artistic images. A couple of days ago, Gionight shared a new set of screenshots, showing how close to CG quality visuals Skyrim can get (by of course using a number of graphical mods)."

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BullyMangler1564d ago

cooool .

but only CREATEive graphics, deserve nomination.

frostypants1564d ago

Great. Now show us a video of it running at a playable framerate.

OculusRift1565d ago

Yeah, now let's see this game run with these visuals .05 FPS in whiterun

Asuka1565d ago

yeah I can get my game to run this with ~60fps no problem using RealENB and a ton of other mods. It isn't as demanding as everyone makes it out to be. You just have to make sure to have compatible mods, and appropriate texture packets. Also, running this at 1080p helps a lot. Most of the people that run into drop frames are playing in higher resolutions. but seeing as how 1080p is no sweat for pc, its really not a problem. btw, i am using a single gtx 670 OC @1.1Ghz with a 3570k @4.2Ghz

PsylentKiller1565d ago

Could you please message me what mods and texture packs you are using? And where you got them from?

I've tried to do this before but I don't think I downloaded the right stuff.

OculusRift1564d ago

The thing is, I wasn't talking about RealENB. Everyone and everything can run that easily. I was. Talking about the graphical mods like the ones used to showcase things like this. The mods that require insane amounts of power, and are only really used for taking nice photos, but never really used for gaming due to ammount of power they demand to even get it down to playable. Everyone read my Comment and instantly thought ' "hurr durr, this guy iz trolling. Let me bubble him down, cuz I don't get wat he's talking about."

When I a gaming PC, I had a HD 7900 series card OC'd
I forget the processor, but it was from AMD and ran at 3.9 stock and 4.5Ghz with a little tweaking, and it could run REAL and ones's like ICE for GTAIV ith no sweat, but. Mods like these(in the article) would run, even on some of the greatest machines, like a picture show.

Asuka1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )


I do not understand what you are saying? RealENB is a graphical mod. Also what you are referring to is body replacers, and skin textures, terrain textures, and just textures in general. None of which are taxing towards fps if you pick the appropriate packet like i mentioned (i use 4k textures just fine, but most packets come with a 2k option for performance). There are a few camera studio mods but even those are not taxing. Also there is Toggle Free Camera 'tfc' console command to get the angles you want.

Not trying to pick a fight, but I'm curious as to what graphical mods would cause heavy fps hit @1080p resolution. I even use floral overhauls and Supreme Storms mods and still run at fairly stable fps.

darren_poolies1564d ago


This video should help you out:

1564d ago
bunfighterii1563d ago

Would love to know what mods you're using! I'm building a gaming PC for, among other things, modded Skyrim. It's going to be straight up EPIC!

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JsonHenry1565d ago

Yeah, I agree. At only 1080p these types of visuals on newer PCs really isn't as demanding as you might think it would be.

iNFAMOUZ11564d ago

you know when you guys do that lel to everything its offending to us french

ATi_Elite1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Allways some non pc gamer quick to comment negatively about a pc game or mod.

Runs like butter on my pc Enb mod is very well optimized and at this point in time Skyrim has been patched enough to run smooth even on below spec pcs

OculusRift1564d ago

Because I didn't have a gaming PC up until last month.

Please, state your specs and explain how this ENB and the game being parched enough to the point if running "butter smooth on pcs that below the minimum specs" somehow belong in the same sentence. I'll wait.

AndrewLB1564d ago

I'm running over 60 mods that look as good as just about anything i've seen(minus this guys "secret" mod/enb setup) and it runs 60fps @ 1440p. In full disclosure, I am running a GTX 780ti overclocked to 1200+mhz... pushing well over 6.0 tflops. hehe. over 3x as much processing power as either "next gen" console.

SirBradders1564d ago

@oculus my game looks better than the screenshots and I'm running 60+ on a gtx770 4gb and a 3570k with no problems. I don't have the best set up in the world but a £600-700 rig can play most mods if your clever and buy the right parts at the right price.

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Are_The_MaDNess1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

really wish they started telling us about witch ENB preset they use and such.

looks like the LadyBody by the texture of the female skin atleast. hard to say if any other textures for the makeup where used.....

might have to post over at LL to figure this out XD

EDIT: can only find ENB presets back from 2012..... soooo old.

Dasteru1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Most of these screens seem to be mostly about ENB settings so it is unlikely he is using a direct from nexus preset. It would most likely be his own custom config. As for the best preset, it is usually between either RealVision or Project ENB. Personally i use Project ENB as it tends to be more realistic. RealVision is alot more vibrant with more of a fantasy feel to it.

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