The Co-op Podcast #89: Should We Label Ourselves as Gamers?

The Koalition's Gary Swaby writes:

"Welcome to The Co-op Podcast 89. This week on The Koalition there were two controversial articles covering the use of the word “Gamer.” First it was Tony Polanco writing up his editorial “I Don’t Care What They Say, I’m Proud to Call Myself a Gamer.” Then once Austin Conway caught wind of it he was eager to follow up with his response article “Don’t Be a Gamer, Be More.” Both writers made great points, but is there a right and wrong to this debate? Hear our thoughts on the usage of the word “Gamer” on this week’s episode of The Co-op Podcast. Then, hop over and listen to the cast of The Throwdown speak on the entire Gamer Gate issue."

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SwiffEpics1535d ago

This site has so many great podcasts. Good show.

MrKennedy1535d ago

This is a good post about a podcast.

Romudeth1535d ago

This is the kind of stuff we need to see more of. The Koalition sticks up for gamers!

contradictory1535d ago

i totally misread that as co-optional podcast... kinda disappointed but after looking into this one it's actually pretty good podcast. and boy do i love podcasts so that's a definite sub

Baka-akaB1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I dont call myself a comic reader , movie viewer , or whatever , i just enjoy my hobbies , so i dont care for for any particular label . At best i'll be called an otaku or geek , when my interest converge at the center of what people consider to be otakus or geek ... but i dont care for those tags either , and dont wear them proudly , nor do i vehemently react against their use .

If anything there isnt a word or label that describe everything i enjoy anyway , but i'll accept those just fine , even when intended as insults .