Bayonetta 2 First Print Edition Sold out at Retailer GAME; Dominating Other Large Retailers in UK

While it was just announced late yesterday evening, the First Print Edition for Bayonetta 2 appears to be all sold out.

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ritsuka6661558d ago

I have no doubts Bayonetta 2 will be a system seller game for WII U.

admiralvic1558d ago

Eh, don't be mislead by this news. The edition was limited to only 15,300 copies and it doesn't help that it was revealed the standard version ( ) of Bayonetta 2 in EU lack the first game, where as this edition includes it.

I have a feeling it will do okay, but I wouldn't get too excited about 15,300 copies selling in a day or it being the top selling Wii U game on Amazon (as we don't really know how many units that actually is).

OtakuDome1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

How is it not anything to get excited about when it's already made over $500k from the UK alone.

Dubaman1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

It was also exclusive to one Store and it was only made available this morning. That is a pretty good considering the amount of people out there that are saying this game is going to flop (idiots). If it's the top selling game on Amazon doesn't that mean that it's sold more units that Mario Kart 8? Sure only on Amazon but that itself is impressive but what i think really show's off how much this game is wanted is that it's out-selling FIFA15, standard and Ultimate Team editions, on all platforms, except for the PS4 Ultimate Team version which is just 2 places above it. This is the UK so being positioned higher than FIFA like that is insanity.
It's true the Solus edition does only include Bayonetta 2, however it's also reduced in price to around £30. The special edition which includes both Bayonettas is priced around £40-45 which is the price of most game releases anyway.
You want both games? Buy the special edition for the price of one. You already have Bayonetta 1 on PS3 or X360? Get the reduced Solus edition. Either way it doesn't affect me as i have the First Print edition pre-ordered.

jholden32491557d ago

Who cares how much it sells? Why is THAT something to get excited for anyways?

I don't care if I'm one of 3 people on the planet to buy this game, it's still every bit as exciting.

Just because the rest of the gaming community can be ignorant to good games doesn't mean I'm going to be. I tell people all the time, go ahead, skip this game, skip that game. Do whatever you want. But as for me, I know good games when I see them. I'll be over here playing Bayonetta 2.

Madock1557d ago

It was sold out from the Nintendo UK store as well..
i'm devastated i missed it -(

Concertoine1557d ago


To prove theres an audience for mature games on Wii U. And to persuade Nintendo to continue funding such games.

Chrischi19881557d ago

I got to agree with Jholden. I am so sick and tired of people having no own feelings towards a game. They are not able to like a game and have fun with it, if it doesnt meet the expected sales. You cannot even have fun with a game, if it is not on the console most play it on. Or it is not as much fun, because the graphics are slightly worse... For me, people who think that way, dont have an own opinion and just live by what others do. Not wanting to offend anybody, just wanted to make you guys think. There is an animal, which also just does, what every does in the flock, sheeps. Nobody want to be a sheep, or does anyone?

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OtakuDome1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Not to mention the amount of people who were pissed that this became exclusive, there's a very real possibility that people actually bought a Wii U just for the sake of this game rather used, new, or whatever. While it's extremely likely that said people also have a PS4, Xbox One, and/or gaming PC for primary gaming. There's so many factors that it's quite hard to say that there's "nothing to get excited about", especially considering it made this money before it's actual release date.

nikrel1558d ago

Can't wait to buy this!

wonderfulmonkeyman1558d ago

Just plopped $5 down on a reservation yesterday. It's so going to be worth it...

DigitalRaptor1557d ago

That's not the same one though.

This is the First-print edition and it's exclusive to GAME in the UK:

Dubaman1557d ago

It's also out of stock so there would be no point in posting a link to the First Print Edition :) So, there is the cheapest alternative out there for all my UK brethren.

mydyingparadiselost1557d ago

I need this in America so I can throw money at it...

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The story is too old to be commented.