Evolve Strategic Preview – The Hunter or the Hunted

Robert Workman (Prima Games): This past weekend at PAX Prime in Seattle, 2K Games had a big presence on the show floor, mostly due to its forthcoming multiplayer shooter, Evolve. Even though the game isn't due until early 2015, it's still one of the more promising games of this generation, thanks to its unique four versus one set-up.

It's rather simple – you have a group of four hunters, each with their own special abilities, and you have the creature they're after, either a large beast capable of smashing anything in its path or a winged creature with the ability to get around quickly. Both can evolve depending on what they eat within the level, and once it reaches level three, all bets are off, as it's likely to squash the hunters flat. It's up to the group to bring it down before that happens.

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