Eurogamer: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Sky Hands On

Eurogamer writes: "Sonic hasn't been himself lately, but SEGA will never give up. There's no need. The 20th birthday party went wrong, but SEGA Superstars Tennis wears the hedgehog proudly, Sonic and the Secret Rings sells strongly, and Mario & Sonic yoyos up and down the top ten even now - as Nintendo's DVD burners work their little lasers off just to meet demand. Sonic Unleashed - out in November - is another high-profile, high-cost multiformat outing. And why not?

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is likely to do just as well. It's on the DS, which has an installed base roughly comparable to all the other consoles put together, and it's designed to make sense to everyone, targeting sub-groups in specific ways."

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