NHL 15’s producer discusses why the game is missing key features on the Xbox One and PS4

After not making it to next-gen consoles last year, with NHL 15 virtual hockey is finally getting an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release, although many of the franchise’s popular features will be missing, particularly GMConnected mode and Online Team Play.

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pat_11_51509d ago

If I didn't need to write about the game, I'd definitely never buy it. Wow.

knifefight1508d ago

Wait, you didn't even get a free review copy? You had to buy it yourself?

tastas211509d ago

Wow. EA. Never. Will. Get. My. Money. Again.

Thefreeman0121508d ago

dramatic much? chill out, if your so inflamed by this I imagine you dont buy 90% of the games out there then

MrPink20131508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

They have the ability to add these missing features but would rather instead promote them for next years game. Thanks EA

XXXL1508d ago

And EA really has the balls to wonder why everyone thinks they're shit...

DefenderOfDoom21508d ago

Well , since i do not have a 8th gen. console . I will just pick NHL 2015 for 7th gen.

brandonb211508d ago

nooo dont they didnt change anything from nhl 14 to 15 on ps3 and xbox 360, dont support this shit just go watch this video

SuperBlur1508d ago

woow that musta been a very huge 100mb update to nhl 14 that warrant a full retail price


in ea we dont trust.

DefenderOfDoom21508d ago

Yeah . i am definitely going to wait a while before i buy NHL 15 . Will wait till November when it goes on sale .

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The story is too old to be commented.