Hyrule Warriors Demo Footage From Best Buy

Here is some footage taken from the Hyrule Warriors Demo at Best Buy locations.

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GoPanthers9991560d ago

My son played it at Target yesterday. He is 10 and liked it, I was not impressed.

weekev151560d ago

What was it about the game you didnt like?

Gemmol1560d ago

did you try playing it or just watch others play and say you did not like it

GoPanthers9991560d ago

Graphically, it looks nice, not on par with MK8. Gameplay was disjointed running from area to area either choosing to engage or run past enemies. This will likely be a fun game for age 12 and under. Watched my son play the full demo twice. I have played several versions of Dynasty Warriors before, this game will be the same hollow fun found there with the Zelda Universe. Expect 7s for review scores, except Gamespot which will likely give it a 6.