Spore Creature Creator shows a new angle for mobile gaming

Pocket Gamer's Stuart Dredge mulls over the mobile possibilities for apps like Spore's Creature Creator: "There was bad news this morning for gamers eagerly awaiting the release of EA's super-ambitious Spore. No, the game itself hasn't slipped again, but the Spore Creature Creator application, which was due to launch today, is now coming out tomorrow.

What's that? It's an app that EA is releasing in advance of Spore itself, which will allow people to design all manner of beasties ready to use in the main game later this year. It's a cool and interesting thing to do.

But it got me thinking, why aren't mobile phones being used more for this kind of thing? Pre-release type applications that prepare you for a console or PC game's release, I mean. You could be building monsters, creating an RPG party, tuning a car, scouting footballers, or designing a tennis kit even more retina-shredding than the lime-green effort Rafa Nadal wore at Queens last week."

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