Games Are Games, So Why Should They Be Questioned?

"“The golden rule is that there are no golden rules.” 20th century playwright George Bernard Shaw says in opposition of the singular notion of mutual respect. Though rules are a part of life. Consciously existing within a space signs this contract. Whether it be religious scripture, state amendments, or spoken declarations from authority, any breach of it yields consequences and repercussions. Human childhood is rooted in abiding by authority figures out of fear or respect." - Robert Beach, Stealthy Box

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NewMonday1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

great article!

now this is something worth reading and discussing instead of the click baiting garbage we usually get.

I personally don't associate a given structure to what constitutes a good game, as long as it dose what it intends to do well, the problem with part of the gaming community, especially one that grew with the long 360/PS3 generation is that they get used to specific formulas, when a game "breaks the rules" it becomes bad.

games like Murder:Soul Suspect and Knack got punished for not being conformist games and "breaking the rules".