Is Warner Bros. preparing to go head to head with Steam and Origin?

Something is brewing over at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The publisher behind Batman: Arkham Origins, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Mortal Kombat, and a practically never-ending list of other titles might be preparing to launch its own distribution platform.

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FarEastOrient1439d ago

More walled gardens, this sucks.

starchild1439d ago

We don't want this, Warner Bros. Don't do it. You won't ever be a major player in the digital distribution arena and all you will do is fragment our PC gaming further. We don't want to have to have 5 clients all installed on our computers and all of our games spread out between so many different services.

Volkama1439d ago

I don't mind! More stores is the good kind of competition. Even if this one gets relegated to the UPlay pile.

If they stop distributing through Steam (unlikely), or make you run games through their bad platform (more likely) then it has negatives, but we'll see.

Activision are taking a lot longer than expected to expand battlenet into a full distribution platform....

stragomccloud1439d ago

No. Just stop it. 2 is already one too many.

TekoIie1439d ago

Technically its 4. Steam, Origin, Uplay and are the big ones.

lets_go_gunners1439d ago

Battlenet is just for Blizzard games.

TekoIie1439d ago


It's still another distribution service which further fragments my library. I'm ok with multiple distribution clients, but we're getting to the point where it's going to start promoting piracy.

stragomccloud1438d ago

Quite true; however, at least I can run the games through steame or origin.

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zsquaresoff1439d ago

Barring the arkham franchise, what else does WB have?

JoshEngen1439d ago

Warner actually has a billion franchises: Mortal Kombat, Injustice, Shadows of Mordor, and every single LEGO game ever made. Plus, they've got Mad Max and Dying Light waiting in the wings.

Their catalog sneaks up on you.

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The story is too old to be commented.