MTV News' Stephen Totilo Vs. Level Up's N'Gai Croal on Grand Theft Auto IV. The Weigh-In--Fight!

Newsweek Blog writes: "Whoever said that you can't improve perfection never met the staffs of Level Up and Multiplayer. For the newest installment of Vs. Mode, in which we spar over Grand Theft Auto IV, we're doing something different. Because as much as we enjoy the clack-clack of our own deep thoughts being typed out for your edification, we like mixing it up in the comments with you, our Dear Readers, even more. So to help make Vs. Mode less dueling monologues and more of an open dialogue, here's how we're tweaking the formula.

Rather than just throw you into the deep end of mine and Stephen's opening exchange, we're kicking off this series with today's brief introductory post to both preview our debate of Grand Theft Auto IV and solicit some comments and questions from you. Then, on the final day of our debate, Stephen and I will not only engage each other, but we'll also tackle any statements or questions that you've posted on our respective blogs. Today's topic is "Who Moved My Sandbox?" in which we discuss whether GTA IV has gotten too far away from the series' sandbox roots."

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