Analysing the Wii U's 2014 Holiday Line-Up

gamrReview's Noah Glaser: "2014 is going to be an 'okay' year for Nintendo, but the lack of blockbuster software coming out for the Wii U will hold it back from being an exceptional one. Unfortunately, it almost seems inevitable that the momentum gained from Mario Kart 8's release will fizzle out once the holiday period is behind us."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1564d ago

Why the heck does this article not consider "Smash Bros U" to be a blockbuster title?
And why is it not taking Star Fox, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Splatoon, and many other titles that will likely come out next year into account as titles that will help retain momentum?

Gaming articles like these need to quit assuming that Mario Kart is the only ace Nintendo has up its sleeve.

MK8 was just the beginning.

Knushwood Butt1564d ago

Because none of those games you mention are in the 2014 holiday line up?

Just guessing...

Trolltroll1564d ago

Smash not a block buster? I am expecting the same boost that Mario Kart gave being that these are two of the three most beloved and replayed games on Nintendo platforms (the other being Zelda).

No mention of the DLC for Mario Kart this holiday season...

Lego Batman 3 is a third party game series and a million seller on nintendo.

Mario Party 10 anyone... anyone

Skylanders and Disney infinity Regie promised exclucive wii u at e3

Fifa 15 Legacy edition sept 23 (wii)

Falling Skys q3 2014

Costume Quest 2 Oct 7 2014

Packman Gostly Adventures 2 Oct 14 2014

Citizens of Earth Nov 4 2014

Sonic Boom Nov 18 2014

Soul Saga Q4 2014

Amiibo Q4 2014

Oddworld New and tasty 2014 TBA

I would say they missed a few titles. While I am bumed to not get COD AW it leaves the online fanbase wide open for Devils Third. You can keep Watch Dogs Ubisoft. These titles will keep me and my family entertained and Broke till 2015.

and dont get me started on 2015.

Dunban671564d ago

FIFA 15 is coming to Wii u?

Does Mario Party have a release window yet

Trolltroll1564d ago

Acording to ign fifa 15 is listed under wii.
Mario party was featured during the e3 direct as a holiday 2014 launch. Aside from DKTF nintendo usually dosn't delay release dates.
My guess is that we will have a few more directs: Amiibo, Holiday Wii U, new 3ds (usa) & I still feel they havent shown all of there 2014 cards look out for the oct direct. There are a few publishers that have been mum about nintendo 2014...

Dunban671562d ago

Surprise releases are always a good thing - the more the merrier- I don t like Party games much but seeing as how the Wii u is actually my 8 year old Son s ( I just enjoy the benifits), I m glad Mario Party is on deck- He really likes party games - He even loves Wii Party U - which I don t think much of ( free download for buying MK8- already owned the other options)

Geekman1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Did he seriously just say Smash 4 isn't a blockbuster title? I am never taking this author seriously again.

TheOtherVitaOwner1560d ago

No he didn't, you should read the article

Dunban671564d ago

I don t remember the article saying Smash was not a blockbuster - just the opposite

Trolltroll1564d ago

"2014 is going to be an 'okay' year for Nintendo, but the lack of blockbuster software coming out for the Wii U will hold it back from being an exceptional one."