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admiralvic1560d ago

Nice promotion, but I am a little disappointed it seems to only be backwards going forward, instead of both ways. I only say I am disappointed, as this makes the last-gen version the obvious version to buy (something most people wouldn't have thought that), when it really shouldn't make a difference.

Megaplaynate1560d ago

Maybe it's for the people who haven't bought a PS4 or an Xbox One, that way they keep theirs stats when they upgrade.

darthv721560d ago

this is something they JUST NOW decide to promote???? i dont have either next gen system yet but if i was to buy i dont know which to get.

PS3 or 360??? Whichever one i did get would have some influence in my purchase of the next gen system to accompany.

What a strange time to do such a promotion, 4 days from launch.

cleft51560d ago

Honestly this is really amazing, I haven't brought Destiny yet and I own a ps3 and ps4. I was just going to get it for the PS4, but now I think I will buy it for the ps3. This excites me because it is the ultimate crossbuy, this is going to greatly increase their userbase. Very smart move and it actually gets me pumped up for the game a little bit more. For them to go this far really speaks to how dedicated they are to supporting the game.

dantesparda1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Does this work if you buy it from the PSN/XBL stores or do you have to buy it from them/this site?

GameSpawn1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

What I want to know is will this work for people in reverse. Basically, what if you have already pre-ordered the XBO or PS4 versions and for some stupid reason would like to have cross-buy to your older platform?

Full cross-buy both ways would be nice, especially since I had the Digital Guardian PS4 version preordered a week before they even announced this. If not I'm not totally bummed as I'd be playing it on my PS4 99% of the time. It would be nice to have for both though as I could have the PS3 connected to another TV and still play if the PS4 was being used for something else or vice-versa.

Dirtnapstor1560d ago

I've got friends without a PS4 still. I can see how this could benefit a player with different (per system) sets of friends....or will they include cross play eventually?

FamilyGuy1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

This is great, I still have friends that are only on PS3, I don't really see myself playing it much on PS3 though. It's a great promotion, never expected them to make it cross-buy/free limited time upgrade for the digital version. I really like physical disc though. This just became a tough decision.

Why the hell did they wait so long to announce this?

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ramiuk11560d ago

£5 less for guardian or normal version on psn too.

ifistbrowni1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

good observation. Too bad i already have my pre-order of Destiny on PS4. I live in NA and it's damn near impossible getting a refund for digital content.

I was going to cancel the Destiny regular edition to get the PS4 Destiny "ultra" edition that would save me $5 on the season pass and award me with all the collector edition stuff but I'm afraid Sony wouldn't let me.

IceKoldKilla1560d ago

@ifistbrowni yes you can. Call Sony up and they'll cancel it. Trust me. I had 2 friends do it and it's an actual option they allow. Hell, this is what seemed to cause a PSN error a couple weeks ago after cancelling a pre-order. So clearly it's something done occasionally. Just do it man. Save money!

Sevir1559d ago


you just gotta provide a decent reason. I preordered the Season Pass by accident, when I realized I did, I called sony and let them know that I was instead going to buy the digital guardian edition of destiny from the store, and they refunded me the $34 the season pas for destiny cost... took all of 20 minutes :)

Palitera1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

It seems like they were not kidding then teased days ago that a big announcement was coming.
If you buy the last gen, then, it is a full cross buy then?

Kribwalker1560d ago

I had planned to buy it digitally anyways so I could download it on both my xbox ones and play with the wife and kids. But this is even better, I've got 3 360s (one in my bedroom so I could play games up there when my wife would go to bed, she goes to bed early). I can DL and play on x1 and the 360 upstairs. The kids can play with their friends that haven't upgraded yet too

1nsaint1560d ago

i thought it was?

it says this on the FAQ:

Q. When I download the free Destiny Digital Base Game for Xbox One, will I still be able to play it on Xbox 360?

Yes. Your Microsoft Account (Xbox Live Account) will retain licenses for both consoles.

So unless i'm reading this wrong (which is possible english isn't my native laguage)i think it goes both ways

CertifiedGamer1559d ago

I say we write a petition against Bungie because I would like to play with my last gen friends over the PS3 and this is really fucked up because I bought the game on PS4.

spicelicka1559d ago

Aren't the previous gen versions $10 cheaper?

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bobsmith1560d ago

dang and cod ghosts bf4 made you pay 10 dollars

JoGam1560d ago

And we fell for it. Smh

lip32811560d ago

So, I could just buy the last gen version, download it for X1 or Ps4..and just sell the current gen version?

Mikelarry1560d ago

you cant sell digital content. so when you buy it it is tied to your account

LoTuZ1560d ago

It must be digital. Like the 20 other responses before mine said.

Spontogical1560d ago

Well its a digital version so you can't really sell it.

Unless of course you specifically ask for payment outside of PSN/XBL to a PSN/XBL account holder and give them the code for it. then yeah you could sell it :p

kurruptor1560d ago

No, it only works for digital purchase.

MrPink20131560d ago

You need to use the same account and as others have mentioned this applies to the digital purchase only. This is a great way to get people to buy digitally and also to push them to buy new hardware without having to buy twice. Should be done for all cross gen games.

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matrixman921560d ago

that is really dumb it doesnt work for physical, but i can understand why

GodGinrai1560d ago

Three letters. DRM. Inspite of its negative image, this is one of those things where it shows its positive uses.

TimeSkipLuffy1560d ago

you can still let someone else play it on Ps3 while you enjoy it on PS4 (Or on XBOX systems).

matrixman921560d ago

im buying it physically on 360

PersonMan1559d ago

It could work physically. Those who bought Assassin's Creed IV were able to download the PS4 version for $10, but you had to use your PS3 disc inside the PS4 to launch the game. So Destiny could've done the same thing.