#Gamergate isn't unique to gaming

GameZone's Lance Liebl writes, "#Gamergate isn’t unique to just gaming. Now that I look back at my E3 article about the problem with Gaming Journalism, I realize I was wrong to call it journalism. Journalism doesn’t exist anymore, and that goes for every industry. Everything is about viewers, ad dollars and headlines. It’s tabloidism."

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Riggans421561d ago

A well measured response. A few questions- what does the picture have to do with the article? Is the problem that gaming sites are reviewing games they got for free, or covering games with good scores because they are friends?

ShrektheHulk1560d ago

It's a shot from The Newsies, an old movie about orphans that had to sell newspapers any way they could to make enough for the day. They definitely stretched the truth and sensationalized the news to sell more papers, much in the same way sites do today.

I don't know the answer to your other question.

DefenderOfDoom21561d ago

Well , that is why i like GIANT BOMB's "QUICK LOOK" and TOTALBISCUIT 's "WTF is" on YOUTUBE . Because they give a sample of what the game is, without spoilers. A history of the developers who made the game . And no stupid review scores at the end of the video.

Soldierone1561d ago

It really isn't, need proof? Go watch political news journalists for a day and see what they do and don't cover. Watch more than one so you see two sides of it, and see who each person supports or doesn't support.

DefenderOfDoom21560d ago

I think the picture has something to with war propaganda . Hence the lies the media said about W.O.M. destruction in IRAQ just start a war.