GamerGate: Borderlands 2 Dev Outs Destructoid Corruption, Polygon Nepotism

One Angry Gamer "Well, this is it, folks. This is the turning point where we’ve been waiting for something big to happen... and it did. A writer at Gearbox Software has outed himself as part of the corruption and cronyism taking place in the gaming industry at the moment. Gearbox Software’s Anthony Burch tied himself to the exact kind of corruption that gamers have been crying out against during the #GamerGate movement."

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-Foxtrot1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

He is crazy. The reason nobody targeted him wasn't because he was a man it was because nobody knew what he did...he basically outed himself....gee, thanks Anthony.

Now people are talking about it

Why is it lots of misinformed people who wrote articles covering GamerGate thinking they know whats going on but don't have to make it out like it's just Gamers attacking women...lots of guys have been outed aswell.

Hell the Fiver Guys Burger and Fries which was at the beginning of all this was about...five guys.

Phil Fish, Nathan Grayson, Robin Arnot, Anthony Burch, Brandon McCartin, Kyle Pulver, Joshua Boggs etc

In the end I guess IGN wasn't clean about this after all. They probably know they are in some right shit we haven't discovered yet so are keeping quiet on it

WilliamUsher1562d ago


I don't understand this "GamerGate is misogynist" angle when there's a bunch of dudes being called out, too.

Why is everyone also completely ignoring IGF chairman Brandon Boyer and the attachment to the corrupt Silverstring Media? It's not just Maya Kramer -- she may have been a catalyst -- but it's the whole freaking organization.

I'm beginning to understand this blackout now -- why gaming media refuses to say anything more than "gamers are misogonerds" it's because they all have dirt on their hands and feces on their face. That's what they get for being the dumping ground for corruption.

-Foxtrot1562d ago

Hell the IGF thing is a whole thing on it's own. That would of been such a good news week for journalists, it's like a huge scandal but like everything else it's been swept under the rug. I mean that's insane, it's a massive Indie award organization where Indie developers, if they win, can get a lot of exposure and money, how can they just sweep it under the rug.

I think they do have dirt on their hands aswell, I think they are scared because if they come out and say anything attention will be focused on them and people might dig deep to find something, hell hackers might get involved and might uncover something. IGN for example are one of the biggest games sites around at the moment imagine the stuff they've done, people have already speculated that they have before so it's not crazy to think they aren't involved.

Thing is if more stuff gets found out it will overcome the whole "gender" thing journalists are trying to spin this into in order to cover their own arses.

I think developers should be taking note because it affects them aswell. If I can't trust a games journalist about something, how can I trust a review for their game even if it's really good. Not to mention developers might have to dumb their games down incase they easily offend anyone.

Death1562d ago


Gaming is entertainment. Game news is entertainment. Gaming reviews are opinion based and written for entertainment. If you rely on someone elses opinions in order to make a purchase, you are a thoughtless idiot.

Quinn's personal life has no bearing on her work. The product speaks for itself. From the limited amount of information we have she isn't someone I would hang out with, but that is irrelevant.

Did the reviews by the ones she allegedly slept with paint a different picture of the game than the other reviews? Did you buy the game based on the review that was full of "corruption"?

The people within the industry know each other. They work together. They drink together. They eat together. They collaborate on ideas together. At times they sleep together. It's irrelevant to gamers and the end product.

You want to make a change in corruption? We are the ones that sway public opinion. We are the ones that can impact a product. Corruption in this industry has it's most significant impact by gamers. The hardcore gamers like the ones that frequent n4g. We are the ones that have the most sway and at many times we are the ones that hurt a product or game.

Zoe and the couple reviews by people close to her made no impact on the games overall success. The exposure by this hold gamergate bs has done more than any so called tainted review. It's sad that so many are so desperate to justify their hobby that they think any of this is significant or has any kind of impact on their quality of life.

Stop valuing the opinions of others and start forming your own. With youtube, demo's and the access to information we have, reviews are not something we should be concerned with.

-Foxtrot1562d ago


Honestly you don't really seem to know a big deal of this do you. To say everythign she did had no affect on the scores or awards...sorry but just stop.

You are trying to give off the impression that you are the "noble" neutral guy but it seems you are clearly trying to defend her

SmielmaN1562d ago

If only more ppl should this guys (eventual) integrity. Good points also by both of you (fox/will).

Bimkoblerutso1562d ago


I don't necessarily disagree with your ideology, but in reality, positive press has a VERY large impact on the overall success of a game. It's fine to muse about how things "should be," but it's just not how things actually are.

More than any other industry, gaming journalism has come to really define our identity as gamers and the community at large and it tends to hold more sway than almost any other sub-set of journalism.

And just to be completely on-topic here, I honestly had no idea that this jackass wrote for Destructoid and I would assume that most people didn't. I knew his name from his crappy youtube series and his writing in Borderlands 2.

I appreciate that he pointed this all out for us, though.

Death1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

If my being able to form my own opinions and not jumping in with the ignorant mob mentality means I am "defending" her, than yeah I guess that's what I'm doing.

You still haven't told me what this so called corruption did. Depression Quest isn't even a game. It's a text adventure and is free on Steam. What exactly happened that you feel corrupted gaming? Is it the fact Zoe suffers from depression or is it your gut feeling that all the games you have enjoyed over the years was all a lie and you now realize you were tricked into thinking you had fun?

I'll say it again, put down your cross and go outside and enjoy life a little. You are looking for something that isn't there. It's nice that you are part of an elusive group of pitch fork holding folks with torches in hand, but there are probably better groups to hang out with.

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Palitera1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

1. You're right on spot about him.

The guy wants to be noted, but whatever. We didn't know how he is and in two month almost nobody will remember him. Why?


2. I'd like to add that Destructoid gave a 9 for a DLC with a 9.1 Metacritic. Also a 8 for a... 8.1 Metacritic DLC.

So, if anything, Destructoid gave "bad" reviews for their best DLC.

3. What he is saying is not an admission of guilt, not is he proving anything. Simply an accusation. He is accusing his former friends of being corrupted on his behalf, despite they having given BL2 dLC reviews almost on spot with the rest of the outlets.

Bizarre and sad.


PS: OBVIOUSLY IGN hands are dirty, but their reviews are mostly close to the games' metascores. Where I think their corruption lies is on the marketing department: their previews. People treat previews like if it was something different than almost simply friendly marketing.

It is easy to find cases to support this claim. BF4 and their source code about it being GOTY contender. That game from the Black creators having a preview one day before release saying something along "YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS MASTEPIECE" which, I think, is under the 6 score now on Metacritic and was a very bad game (IGN AU made the video and IGN worldwide replicated it). And a lot more when they're building obviously excessive hype (pretty much all major franchises with big marketing budges).
Finally, on every controversy regarding consumers' rights vs the industry, they take the corporative side and mock the gamers.

It pissed me off so much that I had to look for other sites and that's when I met and joined the N4G community.

annoyedgamer1562d ago

Yet again if you point out the scandal your are a misogynist sexist homophobic bigot. Oh and a racist.

InTheLab1562d ago

You put racist last sooo..... That's racist.

gamerfan09091562d ago

Who cares about this crap anymore? Stop going to these sites if you think they're corrupt.

-Foxtrot1562d ago

Stop going to their sites? If it was that easy we wouldn't be going through all this. It's simply not enough

Death1562d ago

You really need to step outside in to the fresh air and enjoy life a little. No one is saving lives here, we are talking about video games. You know, the thing we enjoy to get away from the stress life sometimes brings.

WilliamUsher1562d ago

lol @ gamerfan0909 and Death...

You've got to love it when they come up with these excuses to leave it all alone. As if turning a blind eye makes it all better. Like what happened with the housing crisis, or when people turned a blind-eye to corporations outsourcing jobs overseas (lovely where that got us here in the U.S.,) or how people turned a blind-eye to the corruption with banks and now we're trillions of dollars in debt, losing jobs by the second and losing homes just as quickly.

I find it funny that just because it's "video games" and people want to remove a tumorous form of cronyism and bad dealings from the industry they love, it's somehow insignificant. In the grand scheme of things it might be "low tier" compared to other things happening, but if you can do something about an active part of your life that's being ruined, it sure beats standing by doing nothing.

Glad we at least have people like you on board helping keep the anti-corruption train moving.

-Foxtrot1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )


I get plenty of fresh air thank you very much, don't see what that has to do with anything

I'm sorry but if there wasn't people out there fighting this gamers would be constantly screwed over. We don't need politics coming into the gaming industry because that will cause stress, trust me. These people are trying to prevent that.

Hell if it was up to them like Zoe and Anita they might of killed the "gamer" term off by now.

If you don't want to do anything fine, but don't criticize people who do. Honestly it's a little closed minded of you.

Death1562d ago

What are you fighting for? What is at stake here? Someone's opinion may or may not have been influenced by a personal relationship? Nothing was abnormal about the reviews in question. They showed no bias towards the developer or the game and are in line with other reviews. Not to mention people didn't by the game based on misleading or false information.

The kids that are upset have no idea what happens in the industry and have unrealistic expectations of what should happen behind the scenes which is none of their business. You guys are trying to make yourselves part of something that you are not part of. The worst part of all of this is the people upset believe the opinions of others are more valuable than their own. It's sad in a way.

Spotie1562d ago

Death, your willingness to defend stupid practices is actually awe-inspiring.

Because gaming is entertainment, we should ignore uncouth practices? Is that why there are no rules in sports? Why no big deal is ever made when somebody gets caught cheating? It's just entertainment. We don't spend lots of our money on it or anything like that.

Nope. It's just entertainment, so who gives a shit how corrupt the people involved in bringing it to us are?

As long as we're entertained, right?


Death1562d ago

It's absurd how much you guys are trying to make this more than it is. I'm not defending what Zoe did, I don't care. I'm not involved, I can think for myself, I don't base my purchases on the review of someone who may or may not have the same taste in games as me. If you are upset by this so called corruption, I really do pity you. You are empowering people by letting them make decisions for you if you were somehow tricked, duped, or otherwise misled.

Take responsibility for your own actions and stop playing the victim of this non-existant corruption. It's not only shows how clueless you are to what happens behind the scenes, but in life in general.

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LightDiego1562d ago

Things can only get "better" from now on. Keep the great job dude, exposing these arrogant and corrupt from gaming journalism.

leemo191562d ago

So are gamers misogynist or terrorist can the journalist make their mind up. For real though when will this journalist understand gamergate at the core literally has nothing to do with females, males, tran, sexism, etc like that its about not showing transparency in the articles you so called "journalist" are writing about. Lots of the gamers around the world are tired of how corrupted gaming journalism has become, that full disclosure has been completely thrown out the window. Like the song goes We're Not Gonna Take It and that's exactly what gamers are doing and the journalist hate it.

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