Nintendo "Will Have to Abandon Hardware," Says Pachter

GR: Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has been known to piss off Nintendo fans every once in a good while, and it looks like he's done it again.

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qwerty6761535d ago

i wonder if he also thought the 3ds would fail and be replaced with smartphones and tablets.

acharlez1535d ago

He certainly doesn't have the best track record....

camel_toad1535d ago

I predict Pachter will have to abandon his career. This guy is wrong all the time. I dunno how he keeps a job.

mikeslemonade1534d ago

I doubt there will be a next Nintendo home console.

Chrischi19881534d ago

This is a good thing, since Pachter is usually wrong, so Nintendo has a bright future in hardware.

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All_Consoles1535d ago

Not 3ds, but handhelds will be replaced by Smart phones and tablets. Just look at the decline from last gen to this gen

Loadedklip1535d ago

Sell less sure .... replaced? no.

Angrymorgan1535d ago

Well I dont see it happening like that but I see the next lot of hand held consoles having more smartphone/tablet features, imo one wont replace the other, but merge into the same thing....if that makes sense

Concertoine1534d ago

The handheld market can survive without casuals. Hell it's probably better off for core games that were so often lost in the piles of shovelware with the DS and PSP. Ghost Trick is one of my favorite games on the platform and like 2 people know about it.

GordonKnight1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I believe the future of handhelds will be that they're included with the next gen consoles.

The Nintendo consoles will have a 3DS/gamepad hybrid with wifi and of course be backward compatible with the 3DS & Wii U.

Sony & MS will do the same.

Yes that's right Sony & MS will have gamepads!

thehobbyist1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Handheld's aren't going anywhere. Granted they'll have to market and design differently to accommodate the smaller market size but I have trouble imagining dedicated gaming devices of any kind dying off anytime soon.

ozstar1534d ago

Oh i understand what you mean now.

That's why Don Matrick got the job of a lifetime, and was spearheaded to reinvigorate the Mobile Gaming Market and Zenga, after successfully launching the smashing success of Xbox One, right?

Man, the future predictors of gaming at Microsoft can do no wrong.

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Magicite1535d ago

Nintendo might still make software and handhelds, but it will most likely be out of console hardware business.

Realplaya1534d ago

last time I looked they were getting money. Actually to correct you there making money off of the Wii U now Microsoft s the first gen console maker to dropp there price by $100.00

Realplaya1534d ago

last time I looked they were getting money. Actually to correct you there making money off of the Wii U now Microsoft s the first gen console maker to drop there price by $100.00

Realplaya1534d ago

last time I looked they were getting money. Actually to correct you there making money off of the Wii U now Microsoft s the first gen console maker to dropp there price by $100.00

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lizard812881535d ago

IIRC, He said the Vita would dominate the 3DS

killacal131534d ago

Pachter is just a clown with a slight mental retardation that spews the first thing that comes to his a$$, note I said a$$, not mind, because he has none.

DeadMansHand1534d ago

Lol @ all the arm chair analysts. Patcher makes over 6 figures a year doing what he does for some major companies. I find it hard to believe if he failed every time he opened his mouth that companies would keep paying him. He makes market predictions and you all act like he killed your dog. Would love to see copies of everyone's business economics Masters Degrees. You can post them to imgur then link is to them in your comment.

Ark_1534d ago

Market prediction is nothing more than wild guessing. Markets are complex systems; you can't analyse them comprehensive. Just take the housing and credit bubbles of the last decade ... no major analyst forcasted them precisely, if at all. It's just a farce.

Inside knowledge is the only way to make accurate "predictions"; basically that means stating what you allready know.
(e.g. a manufacturer getting a big order, which isn't yet officially confirmed ... you know about it and "predict" the business will florish)

Innovation on the other hand is allways risky and less predictable: tablets and motion controll are examples of recent success; virtual reality, "the cloud", the next nintendo console on the other hand, who knows how they will turn out ...

On topic: imo Pachter is entertaining, but not to be taken seriously.

iagainsti1201534d ago

@ Ark_ Housing and credit bubbles are bad examples as the FED manipulated the market to create them.

SpiralTear1534d ago

How come nearly all of his predictions regarding the game market have been wrong? We all may not be business analysts, but we have evidence that his predictions rarely come to fruition afterward.

It's not business expertise. It's basic cause-and-effect problem solving.

MuhammadJA1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

They'll link you their fanboyism degrees from last gen if that counts.

OT: I believe that most of what he predicts is marketing ideas or plans. He clearly has some friends working in the big companies who leak fragments of the companys' plans for a little profit.

truechainz1532d ago

Lol you are right I only have a bachelor's and not a masters yet, but their is a reason why Pachter is not an analyst whose quotes you bring up when you want any legitimate research to be done. I would much rather hear from an analyst that doesn't rely on controversial statements to bring weight to their claims.

NintendoSonyfan1529d ago

He has admitted in interviews that he is lucky to be right 20% of the time.

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Shnazzyone1534d ago

He must have started feeling irrelevant again. Whenever that happens he forcasts doom for nintendo. He just wants attention.

avengers19781534d ago

I seriously doubt Nintendo will stop making consoles, but if they did, and then became a 3rd party publisher... Let's just say they would make a lot of money selling there games on playstation, Xbox, and PC.

wonderfulmonkeyman1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

The comic strip at the bottom of my post pretty much says it all.

Also, @ Avengers

No, dude.
They would not make money on those consoles.
You will never find a gamer on any of those consoles that would prioritize a game like Mario 3D World if it came out around the same time as games like FORZA, Infamous, Dragon Age, The Witcher, Destiny, Uncharted, or many other third party games that use realism and grit as their hooks.

Sony, Microsoft, and PC gamers simply do not value Nintendo's games highly enough to be a viable, profitable, market for Nintendo.
If they did, then these same gamers that can afford a $400+ system would be eating up the $199 deal for the system on Nintendo's website, and we'd be into the 8 or 9 million mark by now.

Nintendo's games would not sell well on non-Nintendo systems, because the priorities of gamers on those systems are reserved for games that focus on realism and gritty/dark tones in their stories/gameplay.
Nintendo does not suit their tastes.
They'd never survive there.
Going third party would be the true death of Nintendo.
End of.

avengers19781534d ago

Well I am a Playstation gamer, and I would buy games like Mario kart, Zelda, metroid, X, and donkey kong. Plus if there wasn't a Nintendo console there fan base would buy there games on other consoles.
The same if playstation or Xbox stopped making consoles, but put there games out still for consoles and PC, they could still make lots of money

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dbjj120881535d ago

I can't see the company ever completely abandoning hardware. That doesn't make sense given the popularity of its handhelds.

acharlez1535d ago

Same here. Nintendo isn't exiting the hardware business anytime soon.

Wedge191535d ago

As much as I wish they would (I'd love a zelda game on PlayStation), I don't think it will really ever happen.

Skate-AK1535d ago

Nintendo said if they stop making hardware then they will not make software either.

Jihaad_cpt1535d ago

Can't imagine their shareholders would love that but if they chose that then it's their choice.

Benjaminkno1534d ago

That's just their way of getting us to shut up about it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1534d ago

If Nintendo dropped out of hardware, they have stated that they would be taking their games with them.
That means you would never see them go third party, and you would never see Zelda on Playstation.
You'd be living in a world completely bereft of Zelda.

Hence, wishing they'd drop out of hardware is literally the exact same thing as wishing for the death of every single Nintendo franchise in existence.

kingdom181534d ago

Same here, I would love to play their games on other platforms, but I don't see it ever happening.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1535d ago

No they won't. If Nintendo actually played all their cards right they could be #1.

acharlez1535d ago

No doubt. Look how they've turned around 3DS

gamerfan09091535d ago

Number 1 with outdated tech and non existent feature, and zero third party? Hell if Sony wasn't incompetent with the Vita then the 3DS would be smoked also. They won't die in the next 10 years, but if they keep putting out consoles like the Wiiu, then they're going to be a software only company in the next 2 generations.

TekoIie1535d ago

"zero third party?"

absolutely no 3rd party? So if I just name one third party game I disprove you right? Shantae and the Pirate's Curse... :P

"but if they keep putting out consoles like the Wiiu, then they're going to be a software only company in the next 2 generations."

Love how you just ignore the possibility of them going handheld only.

KonsoruMasuta1535d ago

Noticed how he said "if they played their cards right?"

And no, the Vita never had the chance to smoke the 3DS.

1534d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman1534d ago

You have done literally Zero research.
Nintendo has stated that they will never go software-only, that if they ever abandoned hardware then they'd take their franchises down with them into where-ever they end up.
You'll never see Nintendo games on Sony or Microsoft hardware no matter how much you wish for the death of Nintendo's hardware.
Oh, and btw?
The Wii U's sales have been growing. They're currently above the XBone.
Another console like this would hardly be the death of them, because they've proven they know how to survive.

lunatic00011534d ago

haha vita smoking the 3ds....haha the vita is more dead to sony than my childhood dreams are to me haha...seriously sony lacks complete faith in the vita...quite sad

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