Sony Shows Us Destiny Vita Remote Guide, While Microsoft Promotes Cheap Cologne

Oh how the mighty have fallen, or in the case of Microsoft, stooped so low to promoting Destiny on the Xbox One via a cheap looking cologne bottle. While Sony on the other hand have been showcasing all the awesome weapons, gear and how to guide on enjoying Destiny on the PS Vita.

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Frankskint1501d ago

HA-HA - MS the smell of desperation.

amiga-man1501d ago

Sony Shows Us Destiny Vita Remote Guide, While Microsoft Promotes Cheap Cologne

I know which one I prefer.

jujubee881501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Not sure what one has to do with the other.

But, anyway, the VITA's remote-play will be outnumbered by Android devices (once remote-play for Xperia .pkg gets untapped and cloned to rootable android devices).

So these things are like pie in the face of both companies, imo.

@darthv72: Relative to what? I was the first comment on that sub and I wrote "slow news day?". I look at the feedback around that and it only affirms the fact that it is (indeed) a slow news day BECAUSE IT TOTALLY IS WHEN THAT IS THE TOPIC OF DEBATE.

darthv721501d ago

"Sony Shows Us Destiny Vita Remote Guide, While Microsoft Promotes Cheap Cologne"

And which one is getting more buzz on the internet?

bouzebbal1501d ago

smells fishy for MS..
ok i'm out!

Cryptcuzz1501d ago


That is inevitable with how talented devs on the Android scene are nowadays. Only problem would be is if there is any additional hardware on the Xperia Z3 that allows it to do remote play with the PS4 properly.

Even if they are able to get the remote play from the Z3 over to android devices IMO, it would be a win for Sony, not for MS.

To remote play, you would need a PS4 first right? I can see a lot of people wanting a PS4 once they see videos of people online playing their PS4 games on their smart phones or tablets.

Sure, Sony would lose a few sales on the Z3 front, but, I would think not many would buy a Z3 mainly for that feature anyways. They would be looking at the hardware inside; screen, build quality, water/dust resistant, etc.

So if that happens, it could be an unexpected surprise for Sony.

ZerobyZero1501d ago

You got to love remote play. XD

AngelicIceDiamond1501d ago

Right I wish MS would showcased Destiny on Xbox Vita.

Wait a minute?

k3rn3ll1500d ago

It's funny because the supposed pr backlash is coming from cheap enthusiastic websites and fan boys in the console section. Everyone else knows that it was a joke and that it wasn't a desperate attempt at selling consoles. If it was desperation it wouldn't have just been a website but would have actually been adverts on TV and Internet video, along with banner ads on website. How the mighty have fallen? Gtfo with that fan boy nonsense trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. If they were really salty like these articles imply, they wouldn't have waited until 4 days before launch to do this.

This is another perfect example of fan boys being so wrapped up in their love for a company that they want to take a joke and rip it to shreds because they're but hurt. You know damn well if Sony did something like this you would praise as the smartest move ever. And then rub it in everyone's noses who owns an xbox. Just like you did with the e3 discuss share video, sonys frequent jibes about being in the lead and better, and them being upfront about what is exclusive at gamescom. Even though they took part in the same practices as MS year after year when phrasing "exclusive" until they heard the backlash 9 very MS wording of Tomb Raider. Stop riding that D boys. Your liable to embarrass yourself one day

Condemnedman1500d ago

Yep that massive seller the vita 😜


ScottyHoss1500d ago

@Cryptcuzz I'm stoked to root my Xperia Z Ultra for that remote play :D biggest HD phone display, fastest processor and 2GB of ram should work wonderfully, maybe even better than vita?

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stuna11501d ago

Ooo la laaa!

I couldn't help it, but on a serious note! Sony and Microsoft right now are headed to their secured bunker that they share....Waiting for the fallout! Nuclear winter is upon us, save what you can.

Charybdis1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Lol this ps4 site didn't really take kindly to microsoft destiny fragrence. But at least using this trending toppic is a good way to get more attention for the psvita features for destiny.

Ace_Pheonix1501d ago

I think it's funny how everyone says it's a PS4 site. You should have been here 5 years ago. Truth is, the majority voice carries the overall bias I suppose.

UnwanteDreamz1501d ago

Exactly this sites fanbase is just a reflection of whats popular at the moment.

GearsOfWar1500d ago


This site was never Pro MS. I wish people would stop claiming that. It's an outright lie. A lot of Microsoft fans have stopped coming here so much because of how one sided this website is.

When PS3 was launching, it was receiving tons of hate by the mainstream media, much like the X1 has been receiving this time around. This is the key confusion you guys are having.

The difference? The comment section of this particular website basically put their fingers in their ears and yelled "lalalalala" while claiming how superior the PS3 was to Xbox 360. The cell this, RROD that.

There were Xbox diehards, that's true, but they were in the minority. The open zone, and much of the regular zone were filled with trolling comments about how inferior 360 was and that Bluray/Cell were going to change gaming as we know it.

Please, just stop claiming this crap. You look really stupid to the ones who witnessed it first hand. I bet half of you don't even know N4G had 2 zones for comments at one point.

I wasn't a fan of either console back then, but the way some of you guys presented yourselves, you did more harm to the Playstation brand than good in my opinion.

People don't like to see a rabid hateful community when trying to decide which console to buy :/

SmielmaN1500d ago

Your lying bud. I've been on this site since the launch of the 360 (which I had) and for a solid 3-4 years after that it was all Sony hate and I mean HATE. then it evened out a bit but was still major 360 town until the last couple years. Now it's just the majority is Sony buyers so it's more Pro-Sony. Don't come on here saying that ppl are spreading lies when it's the truth. The site just follows the sales trends. It used to be MS city. Now it's Sony-centric. Who cares anyways, but don't come here saying ppl are lying about that because they aren't. They are obviously long time followers of the site, like myself.

Personally, it's good to see the turnaround for Sony as you couldn't say anything positive about Sony in my message boards without 10 Xbox guys trying to tear you to shreds. Now it's reversed and good thing as we all saw what MS wanted to do to the gamer, but they didn't count on so many ppl ditching their fabled Friends list and Achievements.

GearsOfWar1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )


You're mixing up "Mainstream Media hate" with hate from this website.

Xbox fanboys were not in Playstation articles constantly trolling. You'd get maybe one or two people compared to the huge group of fanboys that would post all over Xbox articles.

No amount of spin is going to change what actually happened back then. In fact, a lot of the attitude I have towards Sony fans started back then and its left a lasting impression. Nothing has changed. You guys still go into Xbox articles in droves bashing Xbox and talking up Playstation. For what? I have no idea. It's an electronic device that plays video games.

None of this is Sony's fault. All they do is make great consoles with a ton of value and support. And then their rabid fanboys muddy up the water because they want to shove it in other people's faces. It's sad.

Honestly, I'm really tired of having to repeat all of this only to be called a liar by delusional people. If you honestly can't remember the constant exclusive lists you were shoving in people's faces, the constant bashing of high scoring Xbox games, the insane trolling of RROD, or the mentality that PS3 was a perfect console and 360 was flawed in every single way (even online, which is laughable you guys even claimed that, and this was before PS+), then I really don't know what else to tell you.

Perhaps you should take a stroll down memory lane at some older Xbox articles and then compare them with Playstation articles.

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tgunzz1501d ago

Hahahaha! That is a clever tactic.

lelo2play1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

LOL... Sony fanboys are really pissed about Microsoft's ad. You guys need to relax.

How the world has changed. Sony heavily promoting a 3rd party game to sell their console.

CervantesPR1501d ago

whos pissed? sony fans are laughing at microsofts desperation LOL

Xsilver1501d ago

10 million PS4's sold lmao destiny was never need to sell Ps4's they just sell.

S2Killinit1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Im actually enjoyingit. Its good to see them reduced to "Me 2" advertising.

Whats sad for xbdone fans though? That money could go toward making a game for them(or in MS's case, buying a 3rd party)

UnwanteDreamz1501d ago

I agree whats to be mad about? MS waving their hands screaming "me too"

HanzoHattori1501d ago

Sony didn't need help from Destiny to reach 10 million sold...

Just ask the guys, they'll tell ya...

5 million isn't so bad, except no one knows exactly how many Xbox Ones are actually being connected to Xbox Live and how many are still sitting on store shelves...


MysticStrummer1500d ago

"Sony fanboys are really pissed about Microsoft's ad."

I thought it was funny. MS is truly desperate.

reko1500d ago


i can tell that youre pissed! LOL

k3rn3ll1500d ago

@S2Killinit wait you think this cost money? For a photo - shopped picture on a site they already own? Man your really trying to hype this up into something it's not. Yea were 4 days before launch. If this was desperation they would've done it before every person and their mother preordered this. They know it's not going 5 sell consol3s. If that's what they were trying to do with this it wouldn't have been just a link posted on twitter. They would've done an actual ad campaign for it. That's why they put it out now. Because it wouldn't be misconstrued by Sony as an attempt to back door on the ad contract sony bought. Can all you all stop talking please? Your breathe smells too much like sonys ass

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )


Play remote have don't one xbox that mad you are hmm?

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TheRedButterfly1501d ago

The only thing desperate about this is the spin this article is trying to put on a clearly-successful PR stunt.

Spotie1501d ago

Successful like their DRM fiasco? Successful like the backlash over Tomb Raider?

Getting people to talk is irrelevant if it doesn't get people to take action. And guess what?

Nobody is going to get the XB1/Destiny because of this ad.

So, really, what purpose did it serve?

k3rn3ll1500d ago

I know alot of people I talk with at work really do think Destiny Is an exclusive. The "casual gamer" sector.

The DRM controversy? You mean when Sony backed out of the industry wide DRM that was going to be implemented this year? With only a couple hours to spare thanks to having their conference the day after MS.

The Tomb Raider controversy? When Sony was clear what was 100% exclusive and what wasn't during their Gamescom conference? And everyone praised them as being so much more open than MS? Even though every announcement they have made since they got into the business was worded the same way as MS. Once again capitalizing from being able to change their conference once they had heard the backlash over MS just a couple hours beforehand.

But yea MS does 180s because they are a bad company that has no idea what their audience wants.

Sony is the king of 180s at the moments. Why? Because fan boys are continuing to rag on every move MS makes. And Sony can come out and say "see what we just did, we are for the gamers!" When the truth is they are able to switch so fast they can make it seem that way. And everyone just eats it up, and bangs on their desks in enjoyment because they think Sony cares about them so much more than MS. Please.

The only people who are either pissed off or calling out desperation are either sensationalist glorified blog writers, and Sony diehards who get off on talking as much shit as possible about MS. Why? Because they want to feel important.

realplu1501d ago

@darthv72 So Sony is speaking to gamers who have purchased a PS4, Vita and Destiny and M$ is winning the internet with an ad about cologne. I think Sony won.

BallsEye1501d ago

Well I rather use the fragrance and have a night out when I'm not by my stationary console than go out just to play destiny on a small screen with 1 second delay...i mean wtf he's playing a pvp match with that kind of latency? look 1:19...

DigitalRaptor1500d ago

Your comment is about as salty as Microsoft's behaviour here.

Thing is BallsEye, the fragrance isn't real and Vita's remote play is real.

SmielmaN1500d ago

Lmao. That pic should be the one for the next Xbox cologne flame article. It's perfect! Xbox... Eau du Desperation... MS reeks of it

Fatal-Aim1500d ago

ok, let get this straight.... the studio that MS USED to own made one of the most notorious, exclusive shooters of its time on the platform, which made the console popular. the studio leaves MS and goes multiplatform with another shooter.

fast forward and MS find themselves continuously falling behind their most formidable competitor, and to make matters worse, their talented, life saving studio that they no longer own has given their formidable competitor EXCLUSIVE MAPS from their master piece.

a battered MS find themselves competing not only with their formidable competitor but also their baby Bungie.

the depressing side of this story is MS's desperate cry out for it's used to be fans with a change of heart for help as their baby Bungie has abandon them.

jcnba281500d ago

Desperation for having an inexpensive advertisement? Please take off your fanboy goggles.

Fatal-Aim1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

@ jcnba28

No, because they are already being beaten badly by the popular guy, and they need a way to have the people cheering for the popular guy to also notice them. its kinda like being at a concert with a celebrity and u at the entrance trying desperately to sell a CD u made.

Now, if they were so confindent in themselves like you seem to propose, they would have had a better ansewer to combating this ip rather than a 'hey! look at me too' ad for the very same game. The fact that they have targeted THIS GAME shows that they are terrified of their leading competitor stripping the market completely from their hands with this title. notice when sony or nintendo, they will combat the ip with one of their own - either equal or of greater value. MS obviously lacks in house talent to this degree, and so they have to rely on everyone else.
since Bungie was their talent, who are no longer now, they have become desperate for a competitive IP. Hence the desperate ad.

HanzoHattori1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Instead of acting like Justin Beiber, (crying and trolling when something doesn't go your way) why doesn't Microsoft create something that people actually want to cheer about and pay attention to?

Here's an example of "creating something" that people will pay attention to:

Sony is going to make remote play work with smart devices, not just the Vita. Can you imagine people playing Destiny and DriveClub on a smart phone? How sweet is that?

gamer78041500d ago

Its because sony purchased exclusive advertising rights... likems did with call of duty

ScottyHoss1500d ago

Activision getting DP'd :D

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alvinmiller921501d ago

this was such a cheeky ploy to get people to buy destiny on Xbox one. No thanks I am sticking with the only and best console to play Destiny next week.

NatureOfLogic_1501d ago

Destiny fragrance is MS's way of saying "please buy our inferior version". No thanks.

gamerfan09091501d ago

What's inferior about it? The screenshots release doesn't show any leap graphically between the two.

badz1491501d ago

the ability to remote play ALL PS4 games on the Vita automatically make PS4 versions of ALL GAMES better than the Xbone's version IMO!

JeffGUNZ1501d ago

@ Bad

I'm afraid that makes zero sense at all. All that is doing is leading to remote playing. It's remote playing, how does that make the game itself better?

What is wrong with this site?

N4Flamers1501d ago

Sony has the timed exclusive content for destiny and that exclusivity lasts for a year. That makes the sony version superior to Microsofts. Late next year they can both be equal. Even though destiny looks better on current gen I feel the game was held back by last gen from a design standpoint.

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omi25p1501d ago

Thanks best console ever? Don't know about you but my "best console" hasn't been turned on for month. But I play the "xbone" Every day

the_dark_one1501d ago

thats a choice you chose to take. just cause you dont turn yours on doesnt mean others do same. and there are provably more ps4 turned on right now them xbox one sold

tlougotg1501d ago

I play my ps4 every single day for hours lol I play TLOU remastered, Dont Starve, Killzone, Resogun, best version of bf4 and few other games.

Didnt buy xbone bcus im not going to give my money to the company that is most anti consumer and straight makes a business of lying and bshitting continuously. They all bs but damn microsoft just goes crazy with the lies. Sorry dude im not a cheap %hore that can easily be won over by a 180 and promises, my head is not stuck in the "clouds"

omi25p1501d ago Show
Revengeance1501d ago

I play PS4 every day. So glad I bought it over the Xbone. It has more games and BETTER ones at that. Xbone is also losing exclusives which means less reasons to buy the console. But you never see that on a PS console.

I can smell the fear coming from the Xboners. Maybe you should buy that cheap cologne MS is advertising.

Why o why1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Thats some mighty fine d riding there omi.

Seems like you've missed that memo regarding MS not giving two s###s about you rich, super fast internet owners.....see the thing was there just wasn't enough of you when the pre orders tallied up therefore you are NOT who they're trying to appease. You riding them so hard is pure irony..... talk about Stockholm syndrome. You defend something they know was one of the biggest co#k ups in gaming history.......lmao. if they listened to guys like you their console would be doing worse than it is already.

In regards to ms's destiny advertising...... its just their way and it has served them well. Ms cannot be complacent. They need any and every leg up they can gain. This is business. They shouldn't be faulted for that.

SonyAddict1500d ago

Well I have it the opposite way so my inferior console hasn't been on in 4 months lol..

DigitalRaptor1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

It's official. Xbox fanboys no longer have any pride left to lose. Spreading lies and getting mad because of facts.

No bank account details were stolen. It was personal information that you can find in phone books and social networks. Not the best, but acting like a mega-corp like Sony wouldn't encrypt their customer's FINANCIAL data is beyond stupid.

Your response here is about as desperate as Microsoft's behaviour over the past year and a half. You're perfect for each other.

DigitalRaptor1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Double post


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brotherlymoses1501d ago

Yes, ps4 is the best place to play destiny. 1080p 60fps....... Oh wait

EdnaJones971501d ago

They had to do this because they aren't allowed to legally promote Destiny. Since Sony placed an exclusive contract with activation for the game.

nX1501d ago

They didn't HAVE to do this though.

SouthClaw1500d ago

Moron they cannot ADVERTISE the game so what do you want them to do? Put up a piece of paper just saying Destiney? Or Detinie?

At least they are thinking outside of the box.

TheRacingX1500d ago

You're right ...they didnt HAVE to but they did and its genius, all the fanboys come out of the woodwork making flamebait articles this one....and get everybody talking about it, thats all they get you to talk about Destiny on the Xbox One....and that is how you take the illusion of exclusivity out of the mix....

charliewong9801501d ago

Microsoft sucks, this is tactic is yet more proof to their company.

Silly gameAr1501d ago

It is sleazy, but so many people are giving MS props for doing this. It's weird.

SouthClaw1500d ago

Because it is a smart move? They cannot advertise the game so it is a great way to get the games name out there and get people talking without showing it.

Enjoy your lies from Sony. How many maintenance updates you had on PS4 since launch?