Xbox Marketing Genius – The New Fragrance

Taken from IM PLAYIN

"So it looks like there are some very very sharp cookies indeed inside the Xbox camp!

PS4 for far have dominated the Destiny marketing, making sure that they have all the rights to advise the game, and its worked. The amount of people I speak to that think that Destiny is a PS4 exclusive if far too high. But what could Xbox do with no rights and no assets to work with. They create marketing magic is what they do!"

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ScorpiusX1500d ago

Yes it is , can't wait to see what else they do before Tuesday.

darthv721500d ago

They should actually make this and give it away to all registered destiny xb1 users as a thank you.

XBLSkull1500d ago

Only problem Microsoft would have with this advertising campaign is if it just shows Destiny, and PS4. If Bungie is associated with the ad in any way everyone knows it is on Xbox.
I'm gonna say that the percentage of people who buy this game for PS4 compared PS4 system sales is going to be also the exact figure of people who really wanted Halo to be available for PlayStation.

SniperControl1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Anyone remember Brut aftershave from the 80s, this reminds me of that lol.

Surely, you would do the bottle green and not PS blue?

DevilOgreFish1500d ago

I thought the ad campaign was pretty catchy at first, now it's just everywhere. i don't see the fiasco in this comical publicity stunt...

I've seen more obvious ads; Apple's "i'm a PC" which went on for years. and Taco Bell's "Ronald McDonald approves" ad. funny stuff.

Pogmathoin1500d ago

Best ad ever, Commodore Amiga CD32, 'to be this good, would take SEGA AGES..... On a billboard next to Sega HQ in London no less!! Its a marketing ploy, very smart on MS behalf......

BitbyDeath1500d ago

Did Microsoft get in trouble for this?
Looks like the site got pulled?


LordMaim1500d ago

Looks like their "army of lawyers" missed something.

sAVAge_bEaST1500d ago

Good, hopefully these articles will stop.

What is this, like the 8th,9th or 10th? one today?!?

(We get it, you bottled salty tears after the Japan launch, and are scared of the Destiny Bundle)

OrangePowerz1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

More like being that spoiled kid that whines when it doesn't get a toy. MS is constantly doing deals and games get only advertised for Xbox and now they are calling foul play?

Someone should ask MS if they want some cheese with that whine.

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Yo Mama1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

So you report my news yesterday talking about Xbox flopping in Japan, for being duplicate even though it was a totally different story and author, yet you don't report this story when there's at least 5 of the same stories on the front page? I guess it doesn't fit your agenda, huh?

SniperControl1500d ago

Double standards my friend.

gangsta_red1500d ago

No more so than your own apparent agenda.

FlunkinMonkey1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )


I'm always suspicious when a second account jumps to the defence of a one bubble warrior like Ksar, suspicious? indeed.

Seems half of the MS camp on here are second accounts, many from the same people.. Utterly pathetic. Each as hypocritical as the next.

There are 10 articles on this marketing scheme in the last hour. If this is the most positive things the MS camp have to hold on to for now, I think it's time to look at things a little more objectively.

BX811500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

it wouldnt surprise me if most ms fans on here had double accounts. A lot of bubbles got taken away for not being a pro sony supporter for a while there. I like both sony and ms but it was rough for a while after ms announced the xb1. Thats n4g for you.

As for this being the most positive thing for ms right now? I doubt it, they have a solid console with an excellent holiday line up.

TheRedButterfly1500d ago

It's an opinion piece bro. It can't be a duplicate.

Your news story however? Yeah, that CAN be a duplicate. Whether or not it was I can't comment on, but it seems like you're deliberately ignoring (or simply forgetting) the principle of a "duplicate" story. 5000 people can have a similar opinion, but 5000 people can't report the exact same piece of news.

Also, judging by your comment here: I'd say you have a few underlying reasons for calling Ksar out on his comment.

Torque_CS_Lewith1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

More like sour grapes...yours. Get over it .
Edit: I suppose I'm ksar too because I think Yo mama is just being a sourpuss like the rest of yol. It is a freaking joke non-ad. Why is everybody all riled up?

gangsta_red1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

@ FlunkinMonkey

And what's your excuse for jumping to the defense of a one bubble warrior like Yo Mama?

Is that not equally suspicious or it just when someone defends a certain brand you happen to dislike?

Seems like most of the Sony camp have second accounts which is why so many have more than 5 bubbles.

And most of those 10 articles were demeaning and not positive news for MS. Why would the MS camp submit those? I think it's time you take off your blinders and maybe start asking yourself those same questions you asked me.

FlunkinMonkey1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

What? I didn't jump to his defence, i was simply exposing you and Ksar and all the multiple accounts MS fans have.

Don't even try it.. There are FAR more second accounts on here from the MS camp, you can see by how many days ago they were created yours being *cough* 35 days *cough*.

I don't need an excuse for jumping to any defence anyway, i'm happy to stick to my 2 bubble account, not like you..

I don't see how you can say anything about 2nd accounts when yours is BLATANTLY a second account.. The reason it was suspicious is because you could have easily been Ksar etc..

At least i'm out in the open and now being a coward by hiding behind multiple accounts.

Out of bubbles champ? Time to get a new account brother..

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AngelicIceDiamond1500d ago

Everyone thought this was clever as well. Sony wanted to flaunt 1080p so bad they came up with there own little that they eventually took down.

1500d ago
sonic9891500d ago

@master sargent.
Did your brain go kabooom or something
Enjoy your boring shooters and leave the real games to sony and nintendo.

Master-Sargent1500d ago


What games? hahah You guys got nothing to play, except for crap indies, you must be a comedian because you just made me laugh my pants off haha.

We have a very funny guy here haha.

sonic9891500d ago

@ master sargent :
You must have a very short memory did you really out of all your seriousness mock me for having nothing to play and according to you on ps4 and wiiu.
Lets see what happened with the 360 will it finished at last place in terms of everything except the network.
Now microsoft because of their inability to make good games they buy them and thank god I hate shooters so I am not affected by any microsoft decision or announcements which are few and rarely announce anything outside of e3.
So if you want anything new to brag about wait for e3 and thats it.
It will be dragon middle ages games and shooters thats it so boring

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gamerfan09091500d ago

Holy shit how many articles are you people going to submit on this topic? This is borderline spamming.

Unarmed_Civilian1500d ago

So after secret sauce, dx 12 , cloud, this and that , now its a perfume that will sell xbox 1?

darthv721500d ago

technically...nobody said the secret sauce had to be a "sauce". it could very well be a perfume as well.

Torque_CS_Lewith1500d ago

Yes. That is exactly what they are saying. You win the internet. We will email you your cookies...or is it sour grapes you wanted?

Unarmed_Civilian1500d ago

Lol calm down bro, dont hate on me. xD

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