Blu-ray Outpassing DVD in Western Europe

Futuresource (resulting company of the merger between Understanding & Solutions and DTC) have announced that, according to their analysis, in Western Europe, Blu-ray player sales during the first three years of the format have outpaced DVD player sales during its first three years. This trend is predicted to continue through 2011, or the sixth year of the Blu-ray format.

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Capt CHAOS3687d ago

and I don't know anyone with a blueray player yet. Though I think this is going to change big time towards the end of the year and it's also likely that about 80% of those buying a player will get the PS3 as a player.

Tomdc3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

I know 2 people who have standalone players and about 6 people who hav PS3s =)

wallace10003687d ago

Why did Capt get disagrees? Do the people disagreeing know his friends and they actually do have blu-ray players? Grow up people.

whateva3687d ago

the first 2 years they was out!

jojo3193687d ago

Does this include PS3's sold? I will be buying a PS3 soon and absolutely ZERO percent of my reason for buying one is BR. So all buyers like me will artificially increase the demand for BR.

deeznuts3687d ago

wallace1000, no it's just that, don't nobody care bout him and his friends.

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Britjadg3687d ago

i'm in england and i have a bluray player. unless ur talking standalone players?

on subject of article (namely the title)
bluray can outPACE dvd,
or it can SURpass dvd,
it cannot OUTPASS dvd..

Kyur4ThePain3687d ago

Maybe they meant to say surpace.

Mu5afir3687d ago

You Englishman, and your funny language. (jk)

Tomdc3687d ago

you Americans who barstadise our language with your "Color" and your "Center" type spellings! lolz =)

Pornlord3687d ago

The lack of real numbers is pissing me off... where are the numbers???

Kholinar3687d ago

Number of disc sales or disc sales rates, please.

Unless there's some uptake in movie sales, I don't see any evidence that the format's gaining mindshare. The faster adoption rates could mostly be gamer oriented.

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The story is too old to be commented.