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You don’t need to be fluent in the fictional language of “Simlish” to know that Electronic Arts has struck a chord with The Sims. Over the past decade and a half the immensely popular franchise has spawned three main releases, as well as what feels like a Guinness World Record worthy amount of additional content via the release of countless expansions packs.

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pat_11_51533d ago

Looks like I might as well skip this one (at least until some expansion packs are released).

BrianSharon1533d ago

That may be for the best. It is not a bad game in its own merits, just hard to recommend.

_sleeves1532d ago

As much as I wanted to purchase this game due to playing the series since it's inception, the lack of open world and minor features, (Swimming pool? Anyone else get rid of a Sim by throwing them in one and removing the ladder?) just doesn't seem to cut it, at least not in vanilla. The new building and emotion systems are intriguing enough but like Pat said, I don't see myself purchasing this until more content is available.