Eurogamer: EVE Online: The Empyrean Age Preview


"The latest update to the EVE universe has arrived in a blaze of in-game fiction and an ensuing bout of carnage that put the player-versus-player realms of other games to shame. The big change for this expansion is the faction warfare, which creates zones of conflicts between the four main non-player races, and allows players to fight across the border regions via new "militia" missions.

This is a patch for the framework of the game world, as much as anything else, and lacks the big New Stuff content additions of previous patches. There are only a couple of new ships, lots of fixes, and not much in the way of new toys. This is, however, one of the biggest alterations to how we play EVE that's been seen since Day One, and it's a great time for habitual players to change their habits, or lapsed players to return. Before we get to that, however, I want to do a little recap of EVE's PVP play, and talk about why the Empyrean age is an important step in rounding out that impossibly challenging aspect of the game."

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