Microsoft’s Destiny fragrance ad might be funny, but it reeks of desperation

Microsoft’s stinky subterfuge has claimed plaudits, but it’s Sony that’s smelling of roses.

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DanielGearSolid1533d ago

There's no incorrect argument on this one...

PS fans dont have to take it so seriously
MS fans have to admit... MS is desperate

Especially considering they're currently doing the same thing with Madden, COD, & a few upcoming games.

I feel like its a low blow because Sony never got in the way of MS exclusive advertising.

The questions now are:
Will MS do this for every game Sony has exclusive ads with?

Will Sony retaliate when one of MS' games come out with exclusive ads?

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SmielmaN1533d ago

Am I the only person that thinks this is kind of stupid? A game company fabricates a perfume with the name of a game that they felt they didn't need need to outbid Sony for exclusive advertising rights. I would think that they must be actually creating this product for sale somewhere or they would be opening up to a lawsuit.

It just perpetuates the notion that everything MS does is underhanded and that they are kind of sore sports when their own tricks get worked against them (exclusive advert deals/dlc timed).

Here's an idea, DONT LET A ULTRA TALENTED CREW LIKE BUNGIE WALK AWAY NEXT TIME! Then you won't look like tools when their game is the most hyped game of the year and gets signed to a exclusive deal with your rivals who are outselling you 2-1. Where's Captain Hindsight!?!

Mikelarry1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Author you do know you are just helping MS cause by creating 5 different articles that talks about the same topic. as now everyone is talking about destiny and the xbox when previously most associated destiny with the PS brand so this Ad is doing what MS intended it to do

CYCLEGAMER1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

The difference is that when Sony does something snarky, MS "deserves it" but when MS does something snarky/tongue and cheek, they are desperate and trying to get in the way of Sony's sales.

Side note: How many jabs did Sony take at MS since E3 last year???

People need to chill and enjoy the competition between these two a gamer I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

Well except if they both just stopped with the snarkyness completely, aaaannnnd that will never happen.

Edit...I don't think MS has ever taken a jab at Sony or the Playstation DIRECTLY...but Sony has taken numerous shots at MS and the Xbox.

And you guys can disagree all you want....the truth hurts don't

LordMaim1533d ago

"Edit...I don't think MS has ever taken a jab at Sony or the Playstation DIRECTLY...but Sony has taken numerous shots at MS and the Xbox.

And you guys can disagree all you want....the truth hurts don't"

Sometimes people disagree because the statement is wrong.

Why o why1533d ago

I guess you dont remember the boat and banner ms used to float by the ps launch party......

3-4-51533d ago

@ DGS - "MS fans have to admit... MS is desperate "

We DON'T HAVE to do what you say.

How INTO yourself are you?

I personally thought it was a bit of silly fun.

I guess that isn't allowed any more.

avengers19781533d ago

Plus they are giving away any game with purchase of an XB1 during the week destiny launches, to try and combat the PS4 destiny bundle... Little do they realize that bundle has been selling very well for a couple of months... And will help Sony keep ahead in sales for September... The month XB1 launches in 29 new territories.
MS is desperate cause they are only at half of Sony's sales

Blaze9291533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

and yet people still question how this is paying off for Microsoft. Lol, this is the third N4G article in under 6 hours.

Of course, when Microsoft does anything it's out of desperation and whatever low terms you wanna label them as.

lelo2play1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Actually Microsoft's add was funny.

... but this so called opinion piece reeks of desperation for clicks. N4G should remove these fanboy opinion pieces from their site.

As for the fanboys complaining about this, they really need to lighten up and let life flow. So much hate is bad for you.

Mystogan1533d ago

So now everything Microsoft does is desperation? Just appreciate the ad and move on how hard is it to accept that Microsoft is a good company?

LamerTamer1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Very hard because they are not a good company. If you look at their record and practices you will see that MS is quite bad.

They buy up what they can't make then usually ruin it. Their OS is a bug-bomb piece of bloated junk ( I use WindBlows BTW because I have to for work stuff, I am no butthurt apple fan, I don't own a mac). The only reason it is popular is because it is installed by default on every PC you buy. How can you lose?

You can see them being sued in many places due to being a monopoly. I could go on but it is a waste of time so I won't.

Kayant1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Well said.

The only reason I agree it's desperate is because of what was written

"Destiny is actually an epic new first-person shooter, available on Xbox. Thing is, we didn’t have permission to run adverts for the game.

So we didn’t.

Thanks for smelling that something was up." - Firstly this would have been needed to be given the all clear in order to not be in conflict of Sony/Activision's deal. Which means they actually had to search for a way to word this without doing that. There's also the fact of mentioning that they don't have rights to ads for the game. Why tell the audience that? Then say "So We didn't" but here they are doing this.

There was an agenda to this stunt after all they didn't try this with another new I.P that had a co-op marketing deal with Sony earlier this year. Watchdogs.

Edit -

Saying all that. It's a funny ad indeed.

Charybdis1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Smart move by Microsofts marketing team it got the attention of the public. By such a degree that a kinda funny marketing move is painted as desperate.
If tables would be turned surely Microsoft would have been deemed as desperate for buying an exclusive advertisemnt deal. While there might have been a more positive light on a smart marketing 'gimmick'/move if done by current sales leader ps4. With Microsoft lagging behind their competition it however is kinda easy to point everything they do as an act of desperation.

Redgehammer1533d ago

Like HBO Tyrion said "If you've come for justice, you've come to the wrong place". I think it's a grin worthy ad, nothing more.

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Godmars2901533d ago

At the very least, it shows that MS doesn't like to play by the methods it employs. They know that Destiny's going to be big, got shut out of advertising it for their console, something they do all the time to Sony, so are trying to ignore someone else's deal.

Tony-A1533d ago

Bi-polar marketing is all the rage at MS. I always question their faith in the XBO when they do things that seem so very "look at me!"-ish like this. Having the console's high points speak for themselves obviously wasn't doing much, so I honestly can't blame them for doing anything they can, but damn...

Godmars2901533d ago

Crashing competition's launch events and presentations, Demos at Best Buy, wasn't a thing during the 360?

mhunterjr1533d ago

Doesn't like to play? Both companies employ exclusive marketing deals. This time MS made a lighthearted joke out of it..

What this shows is that extreme Sony fans make a big deal out of things that are supposed to be humorous.

CaptainObvious8781533d ago

While I agree the add is clever, it does paint MS as a scheming, villainous competitor that can't stand it when they're on the losing end and will look for any kind of loophole to one up the competition.

LamerTamer1533d ago

It does seem like sour grapes, and makes MS look like sore losers.

incendy351533d ago

Smells like you are desperate for ad hits.

lemongrasspotatohead1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Where are the adverts?

(turn off adblock and check the article, there aren't any)

incendy351533d ago

Seriously? They are on the web page lol.

Hipp01533d ago

are you on about the Xbox perfume "adverts" that are in the article? They're not real ads, they're there as part of the article

Dewitt1533d ago

Haven't we seen this like 5 times this morning. Why do mods allow this to reposted over and over.

ShadowWolf7121533d ago

Because not every website has the same opinion on a certain topic?

Fizzler1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Replied to wrong person lol, sorry.