Multiplatform Games Marketed as Exclusives – it Needs to Stop

Microsoft recently 'launched' their new fragrance line for Destiny, in light of the fact that they aren’t allowed to advertise for the multiplatform game. This is just the latest in a long line of cases where companies have struck deals with gaming publishers to ensure only they can advertise for a particular game. All this does is mislead customers and leave fans dissatisfied – it needs to stop.

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Sako1565d ago

hear hear! Sick of it

aconnellan1565d ago

You and me both mate! I understand the business practice behind it, but it's the epitome of moneyhatting, and it doesn't do anyone any good in the long run

xHeavYx1565d ago

You mean devs need to stop making extra money for siding with one console? Yeah, sounds right. Just to show my support, I'll tell my boss that this year I don't want a bonus... /s

aconnellan1565d ago


It's not the support part I'm troubled by, it's the fact that one company showing support means others can't say a word about it - shown by how little advertisements there are for Call of Duty on PlayStation, or Destiny on Xbox.

It's all well and good to gain financial support from one company/console, but at this point they're paying to shut other gamers/consoles out, not to help out the dev. It's just a very grey area

jackanderson19851565d ago

@xHeavyx surely the devs don't see a penny of the money as it's the publisher who cuts the deal and the publisher who advertises the product... unless they're independent of course

system221565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

@xheavy: completely different thing, mate. Consoles can have exclusives to gain an edge. That's business. Treating a multiplatform game like an exclusive is just lying or hiding. That goes for xbox. That goes for sony.

nX1565d ago

The epitome of money-hatting is timed exclusivty, but adverstise-exclusivity is just as bad. Blame Microsoft for it, they started BOTH practises last gen because they didn't have sufficient first party content to keep up with Sony.

morganfell1565d ago

gamespresso has had a million opportunities to write this article and they choose to do so right before Destiny launches.

BiggerBoss1564d ago

I agree that it can be frustrating, but the extra advertisement can be good for the games sales. However the advertising party (be it Sony or MS) are gonna want something in return, hence the "marketed as exclusive" part. It's irritating for those who know better, but it's good for the publisher and ms/sony

remixx1161564d ago


Exactly, its a bs practice just like timed exclusives, it all started with timed dlc and has spun outta control ever since. Soon Its gonna be timed exclusive trilogies and crap like that.

AngelicIceDiamond1564d ago

You may be sick of it but trust me it won't stop.

Especially when you consider AAA's are getting bigger and bigger now Sony or MS will exclusively advertise that said game if they think it looks good enough.

But are they gonna stop? Nope unfortunately its only gonna get bloodier.

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Blaze9291565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

I dont think it needs to stop - consumers just need to stop being so dumb. None of these commercials ever say "Only on"

so at what point in time, whether pre launch to actually paying for your copy of the game - will you not know what platforms your game is releasing on?

Exclusive marketing never confused me or was an issue with me. I always knew and will always know what systems a game will release on. I don't see how it's deception or trickery.

If it is, you should look at yourself for being so gullible. Honestly.

Now i see if these ads were saying "ONLY ON XBOX" or "ONLY ON PLAYSTATION" - but they dont.

system221565d ago

Stop using all that common sense logic and reason! This is the internet for crying out loud. Every subject should be outrage and entitlement!

Seriously though. You are absolutely correct in my opinion.

iceman061564d ago

I agree with you...except the line "consumers just need to stop being so dumb.". Sure, that makes sense. However, IF consumers weren't being dumb, then they wouldn't be falling for exclusive marketing!!! Informed consumers, such as us, don't have that problem. But the mass market consumers, especially non-gaming parents, usually just buy what they see in commercials. That's why the practice exists and why it won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Simply put, it STILL works.

joab7771565d ago

Now it needs to stop. But ALL last gen when every multiple form game was marketed as an Xbox game, it was fine.

Gimme a break.

nX1565d ago

I hate these double-standards, it's the same mimimi that happened when the PS-exclusive Destiny DLC was announced. Xbox people were the ones supporting this practise last-gen and now they get the bill for it.

ShowGun9011565d ago

HAHA! yea, 8 years in, NOW it needs to stop! M$ started this, how come its "unfair" now?

on a side note, if PS and M$ werent paying for these ads "cause thats essentially what they're doing" we'd see alot less gaming ads on TV... i think its good that our heavy hitters get some screen time, in a format that includes lots of non-gamers! get us some exposure. so i guess the good/bad kinda equals out to me...

gangsta_red1564d ago

Not every game was marketed as an Xbox game as there was plenty that had the PS logo at the end of a commercial. It was just a lot of PS fans made a bigger deal out of the ones they saw most.

Now that Sony is making a big push, now it's ok as a lot of sony fans are willing to brush aside the same reasoning they hated MS for.

itBourne1565d ago

Who cares if it is advertised for a specific console, I can play the damn thing regardless. What is downright wrong is a company (M$ mostly) paying a boat load of money to LITERALLY stop others from playing a game, when regardless the game would of been multi-platform. Instead of shelling out millions to do that, go make a damn studio that is half way decent and actually contribute to the gaming community.

3-4-51564d ago

All they have to do is BE HONEST.

* There is nothing wrong with saying:

" We have a great game for you guys to play releasing pretty soon. It will be coming to all consoles, but first to _______________."


" We have a game we are releasing that you can play on all consoles, but first with us...."

If there are 10 facts.....we only ever here of 5 of them.

It's like the people at the top running these companies make all their decisions out of fear.

* Just because I drive a car with 4 wheels doesn't mean it's " kind of like a Porche" ...

Thatguy-3101564d ago

It's just advertisements geez!! ¬_¬

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Kayant1565d ago

Sadly it won't it's a cheaper way to get an "exclusive" (Well perception wise). And it works(reason why MS did the stunt in the first place) which is why it still goes on and will continue to go on.

Also great piece with solid and balanced points :)

aconnellan1565d ago

Unfortunately you are exactly right. It's a quick-fix solution to mix perception and keep their (whoever's advertising at the time) particular console at the front of the consumer's mind. I don't see it stopping any time soon, but one can dream.

And thank you very much :)

Infamous2981565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Even though i hate these practices, nobody complained last gen when Microsoft used this practice last gen. Exclusives deal, Timed DLCs, "Only on Xbox", and no one lifted a finger at Microsoft.

aconnellan1565d ago

It's a very dodgy practice. I see your point, but I was complaining about it then, and I still hear a lot of people complaining about it ('it' being 'back then') now.

Admittedly that may be because it's far more common today than it is then, so there's more to complain about - a lot of people probably just let it slide last gen

hello121565d ago

lol Sony is advertising Destiny like its a exclusive for PS4 and nobody says anything. Now this is an issue ok,

aconnellan1565d ago

That's my main point in the article, but it's a practice that isn't exclusive (geddit??) to Sony and Destiny - a lot of companies have done it over the years, but that doesn't make it ok

Infamous2981565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

There are another companies who do this , please dont be a hypocrite.

GTgamer1565d ago

Both MS and Sony do it but hey I would expect you to just point out Sony it's in your nature.

MCTJim1565d ago

I was watching TV the other night and I saw this. It really did look like it was a Sony exclusive. This article does indeed point it out that this practice needs to stop.

BLYAN1564d ago

Why in the hell would sony pay good money to advertise a game that they are investing more money in to put an advertisement out that helps their competitors when xbox doesnt put any money in

dumahim1564d ago

How exactly is Sony advertising this as an exclusive, or any other of these multiplatform games for that matter? If anyone said that, there'd be an uproar.

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