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By Sid Shuman: "Destiny is just days away! I wanted to share a quick video showing off its Remote Play experience, which enables you to wirelessly stream the game from your PS4 to your PS Vita. I spent some time playing Destiny via Remote Play during the Beta and I was really impressed with not only how good it looked on PS Vita’s vivid 5-inch screen, but also how responsive it was. The team over at Bungie actually optimized the controls for Destiny on PS Vita via Remote Play."

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Steven36571560d ago

I bought vita just for remote play.

tomcat81181560d ago

Same here - i just wish they would have an accessory to make the rear touch pad more accessible. From what i have seen and used - destiny has the best remote play control scheme to date.

GuruStarr781560d ago

Yeah, it took a while to get used to Borderlands 2 controls with the rear touch pad, but once you do, it's not so bad.. so I imagine Destiny won't be any different.

thrust1560d ago

Destiny should be played full screen

pwnsause_returns1560d ago

Being able to play it at a Starbucks miles away from home is pretty cool as well man...

shammgod1560d ago

vita has a full screen.

JoGam1560d ago

Dude, whats wrong with options?

PS3gamer4life1560d ago

I had to sell my vita to get a white ps4 I neeed a vita now but have to wait

BiggCMan1560d ago

I recommend waiting for the PS TV to come out.

SoapShoes1560d ago

The thing is, is what is with no Vitas being available in the U.S.??? I've looked and everywhere has no stock available. :(

Scatpants1560d ago

I just did a search and had no problem finding one in stock.

ceedubya91560d ago

I was excited about using remote play for the ps4, but for the most part, I haven't seen too many games using it that have made it worthwile for me outside of FFXIV ARR. Even that can be annoying for me sometimes due to the rear touchpad stuff.

optimus1560d ago

I haven't read much about remote play but can someone tell me if the PS4 has to be on for it to work, and if so can you turn it off through the vita from miles away?? I was contemplating getting the PStv attachment instead of the vita but if this works without me leaving the PS4 on all day than I would consider it.

ceedubya91560d ago

I believe it may have to be in standby mode.

optimus1560d ago

But what's the extent of that? Will it fully turn on once you log in through vita , and if so will it poweroff when you're finished??

Scatpants1560d ago

PS4 has to be in standby. The Vita will power it on remotely, you can also put it back in standby remotely.