Before Madden: 6 Important Football Video Games

We love Madden, but we can't deny that there have been other football sims that left their mark in video game history.

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DefenderOfDoom21535d ago

ATARI FOOTBALL ARCADE 1978 was my first football game ! Was one of the first video games , that made vertical scrolling popular.

iceman061535d ago

I'll take it one further to the handheld football game where all you did was just go up and down until you reached the endzone. Yep! Had that AND the baseball variant. They re-released those about 10 years ago and I was SO tempted to get one...just for nostalgia. My favorite early football game was on the Commodore. It was 4th and Inches.

DefenderOfDoom21535d ago

Oh yeah ! MATEL ELECTRONIC FOOTBALL 1977 , that handheld football game was awesome back then!

iceman061535d ago

THAT'S THE ONE!!!! Those were the days!!! LOL

Kiddcarter1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I wish I could been given a copy of NFL 2k5 with my xbox one bundle instead of madden 15, I am not liking madden at all so far. 2k5 is still to me the best football ever made

LookAtYou1535d ago

2k5 and all pro football 2k8 still put madden to shame.

CorndogBurglar1535d ago

Joe Montana talking Football

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