Night-time racing in Project Cars a 'scary experience', says Slightly Mad Studios

Weather and racing at night are major game changers to the core of Project Cars, exclaims creative director Andy Tudor from developer Slightly Mad Studios. It's not all just for show.

In fact Tudor reveals that when they approached night racing in Need for Speed: Shift 2 they kept to a 'Resident Evil vibe'. If you lit everything up then there's no challenge.

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Forn1564d ago

That's what they said about NFS Shift 2... *cough*

Tsar4ever011563d ago


I wonder why Slightly Mad Studios ignored it's trademark game-play feature that made the NFS:S series unique to all others racers. The *DRIVERS EXPERIENCE is virtually non-existent in Project Cars. What the deal with THAT!? They should implement DE in project cars or at least import it as a game-play mode feature.

here's an article that kinda explain the DE mode in reference to another game Mirror's edge.

Volkama1564d ago

It's a hardcore sim racer. Until nightfall. Then the zombies come out.

Wikkid6661564d ago

Probably have to buy the DLC for that though.

Section8uk1564d ago

24 hour races on Gran Turismo 5 if you stupidly (like me) chose a car with no headlights. now that WAS a scary experience.