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Lord_Sloth1532d ago

Hmm...If we get to kill Odwalla then this may be worth picking up...

Lord_Sloth1532d ago


My brother calls him Odwalla. It's a brand of drink. I found him terribly dull.

starchild1532d ago

I hope that they will release a PC version. This trailer looked great, but I don't think those visuals will be found in the PS3 or 360 version.

I have all the other AC games for my PC and it would be a shame if this is the only one I can't play on my PC.

UNKLE1532d ago

1st day buy man UNITY can wait! that just a soap opera anyway...

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bixxel1532d ago

I don't understand.Assassin's take innocent lives in this game? I thought.... oh it's Templar perspective isn't it?
Anyway I always found assassins to be antagonistic to aristocrats whether they're innocent or not.

bixxel1532d ago

Something tells me we get to see Ah Tabai and Adawale die here.And a younger Achilles.