Do we really need the New Nintendo 3DS ?

David's thoughts on the New Nintendo 3DS system.

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Kilo_Brown1415d ago

I'm sorry to say it....No

-Foxtrot1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Honestly I think people could of waited a bit longer until Nintendo makes a brand new next gen handheld.

rnmartinez1415d ago

I am all for it, but I think it needed a new name considering that it has its own games. I am really curious to see how this impacts the Wii U.

Shinobi1001415d ago

With as much improvement as it makes over the current 3DS? Yes. With the fact that it could extend the lifespan of the 3DS line by several years? Yes.

This isn't just a cosmetic upgrade for the 3DS like the XL was. And it's not a weak interior upgrade like the DS to the DSi. This is a big-time cosmetic AND internal upgrade. Nintendo didn't just add more processing power, extra buttons, and an extra stick to be cute. They're going to take advantage it. My guess is that this is to set up the reveal of a new Metroid Prime game for Wii U & 3DS at next year's E3.

Shinobi1001415d ago

I know the exclusive titles from Nintendo will split the 3DS & New 3DS user base. But the New 3DS appears to be very reasonably prices. You could probably trade in your current 3DS & get it for $100 or less. And as far as 3rd parties not being willing to risk developing games for the New 3DS, they can develop games that work on both but have certain enhancements or unlockables when you play on New 3DS.

DualWielding1414d ago

the trade value of old 3DS would sharply drop with the release of the New 3DS