Mortal Kombat X gets a release date and pre order exclusive

Mortal Kombat X has got a confirmed release date and pre-order exclusive character.

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towelie12881290d ago


cant wait love me some MK!!!!

zeee1289d ago

The date is April 14th 2015 for all my lazy gamer friends. Aaannd, it CAN'T come any sooner!

Somnipotent1290d ago

Sooner than expected! Bring it!

Revengeance1290d ago

Wow already!? I was thinking summer of 2015 at the very earliest. They must be progressing real fast with the game. Can't wait to see Goro in action!

Volkama1290d ago

There is a dev interview/video linked quite prominently on the Xbox One dashboard at the moment, I had a little look yesterday.

The game looks about complete. It looked absolutely terrible mind you, but clost to complete.

ABeastNamedTariq1290d ago

What do you mean terrible? Not attacking, I'm actually curious cuz I want the game.

Volkama1290d ago

If you liked previous mortal kombat games I'd say you'll like this one, it looks very much in line with the series. I'm just not a fan :-)

JohnApocalypse1290d ago

MK9 releasing in April and so did Injustice, so I was not surprised at all

scark921290d ago Show
Biohazard88601290d ago

Kant wait to crush people with the original MK monster goro!

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The story is too old to be commented.