Square Enix Recruiting Staff For A New Studio That Will Focus On Console RPGs

Square Enix are currently looking to recruit staff who will be part of the core members for a new studio that will focus on RPGs for consoles. Inside Games shares more details about the recruitment page that was recently put up by Square Enix.

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Sevir1559d ago

Sony needs to build a studio that will do that too! the PS3 didn't start getting RPGs till well into its 5th - 8th year.

This gen needs to have major JRPGs from the onset for both PS4 and XBO.

Good to see Square forming new studio just to handle Console RPGs... Its time for them to get back to basics

-Foxtrot1559d ago

I really don't see why Sony haven't made an RPG focused studio yet. I really would like to see what an open world game similar to Skyrim would look like if it was made taking full advantage of the PS4.

They could have two teams, one makes a similar western RPG and the other makes classic JRPGs

Godmars2901559d ago

The Wild Arms series was originally a Sony-backed project. As was Legend of Dragoon.

Mind you that was the PS1 era with RPG - JRPG - mechanics falling into a rut during the PS2 era which then, with the rise of FPS and COD, caused them to fall well off the radar.

Aside from Skyrim and Fallout, which are pretty much FPS.

Sony did try to do something with White Knight Chronicles, but that fell on its face because it was both rushed and its story was too generic.

tlougotg1559d ago

You guys make all great points. One of my favorite genres are ARPG and i would be in heaven if Sony made a studio specifically for that. There are no other games that have as much replay value and value in general. Imagine some of the ice team working with the studio to make killer rpgs! Man that would be insane! Im still waiting for GG Sci Fi RPG, im dying to see how that looks and what it entails.

BullyMangler1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Square Enix and rpg's oh my .


lol you are still with saLes ?

lol lol . since when do sales determine somethings glory? Justin Bieber, sold more than Tech9, this means justin has more talent more skills? because he sold more ?? lol

S A L E S EXPOSED .): . awwww cheer up . soon you will feel better (:

bayonetta is a hack and slash ? whatever makes you feel better !! hahaa

p.s. maybe soon ps4 will have a more challenging game than The Wonderful 101 for wiiU, let alone DKTF . heh heh .there has to be one in the PS game of the month library no ? lol lol lol lol

. and maybe soon, sony will make better more inventive games than nintendo . maybe

wiiU kicking assss!

dont be mad . lol

El_Assenso1559d ago

Agreed! Sony need to build a new studio which only focuses on making great JRPG's. Maybe they could start a new team in Japan Studio as they already have 5-6 separate dev teams in there already!

The PS3 was starved of JRPG's, a cornerstone of the PS1 and PS2 was the brilliant JRPGs they had to offer. If Sony can somehow bring this back on the PS4, forget the rest of the world for the moment but Japan would go crazy, especially considering how console sales are very slow there....

1559d ago
VsAssassin1559d ago

Funny. Wasn't SE established to do just that? SE, consider this an open letter -- a short one at that: Just create an amazing JRPG and you're back to business. Sure, you can make it revolutionary, playful, or what have you. Just don't create a JRPG with the West in mind; otherwise, your game gets stuck between W and J + RPG.

SE, wanna know why Persona is higher than FFXV in the latest Japanese poll for the 10 most anticipated JRPGs? Because 1) It's a good combination of new and traditional, and 2) IT'S A GOOD GAME!

On the side note: If Bravely Default gets a console release, I'd buy it. But wasn't BD created by a dev that's not SE?

Godmars2901559d ago

SE's fault is that they've become too focused on aesthetics, and marketing. Sell the look and designs of a game, and they can merchandise crap off to the fans. Story has become worthless to them. Game mechanics, aside from being in between cutscenes, have become worthless to them.

They need good writers, good involving stories, which then need to be well integrated into an actual game. Not made into CG movies between one.

GhostTurtle1559d ago

Thats what I was thinking. Do the have a studio thats making RPGs just for PC that I'm unaware of?

N4GDgAPc1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Well when square-enix announces an actual release date I bet it will take back the #1 spot in Japan. It was the #1 spot for the longest time but with very few updates, no release date and been in development for a long time caused it to go down in rank a little.

weekev151559d ago

Shamelessly stolen from neogaf...

Now they can finally start development of FFXV

on_line_forever1559d ago

finally Square Focus On Console , but don't forget the PC .

i hope we see VAGRANT STORY AND PARASITE EVE sooner .

i miss those epic games so much .

llxKonanxll1559d ago

I'd really like some sequels or new installments from Square that are based on the Playstation classics.
This is the kind of support the Playstation 4 needs. Hell, i'd be content with just a Legend of Dragoon sequel.

Drithe1559d ago

They need a White Knights Chronicles type rpg that you can play with peeps online. Hell, make a rpg action game that you can go online and level and find loot!

Toukiden is an awesome type game like this. But let it go into serious detail like WKC.

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