What Video Games Should Christians Play?

GUG writer, Michael Morejon, talks about what video games Christians should play.

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URNightmare1445d ago

Dante's Inferno would be a game for Christians or any religious person I think. No other game comes to mind at the moment.

mrpsychoticstalker1444d ago

3 bubbles..... I'm impressed!

Anxiously waiting for the sequel of Dantes inferno

tdogchristy901446d ago

Well as a Christian I agree with him on some points. Some games that have violence for violence sake I tend to stay away from. The main example for me is gta, it's violence for violence sake. It's like some movies that curse just to curse without adding to the story they're trying to tell. I love a good story but don't like when it's watered down by shock value. The one thing I will argue however is he mentions war movies violence most of the time is justified given the subject and historical aspect of it then argues against call of duty. That seems odd. I enjoy my games like halo that do have violence and language but it's part of the story and also agree, using gta as an example that violence for violence sake is a turn off for me.

kalkano1445d ago

The only thing that really bothers me, is when certain games (*cough* JRPGs *cough*) are on the wrong side. A.K.A. "Kill God, cause he's evil".

PinkEye1445d ago

What games have those themes?

kalkano1445d ago

Shadow Hearts, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Final Fantasy 13-3 (Lightning Returns) immediately come to mind. In the case of Shadow Hearts, and FF13-3, they even pretend it's the real God. In Xenoblade, it's more of a "We hate all gods! We can do it ourselves!"

I've also recently heard that at least one of the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona games does this; which isn't surprising, considering the whole demon thing in the games.

Baka-akaB1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Most those arent on the wrong side imo . If anything , most of those games are about rebelling against some omnipotent alien force that pretend to be gods and usurp their authority .

Hell i've seen people get riled up over Final Fantasy Tactics , and the way they made an analogy to Jesus and its apostles , with St Ajora , the revered fictional saint of the Ivalice universe . Of course it turns out Ajora was just a crazed warrior , spy , evil schemer and a deceiver creating a cult and church loosely similar to what you can see in christianity ... but that's just it , it's a fiction .

As a christian i accept it as a work of fiction and dont take umbrage of it , nor do it mistake it for something else .
Why would i be pissed at some proven fake messiah from a game ?

With christianity a thing of mostly foreign culture to most of asia , it's not even usually done to spite it . I've had discussion with manga and game artists or writers that of their own admission just use angel , demon and western gods imagery because it feels and looks cool from an art perspective . And of course thye do feel they can write fiction over a subject that isnt part of their culture and system belief .

Just like christian devs are very comfortable using greek/roman and norse myths in ames and fiction without blasphematory intent toward the few still seeing those not as myths , but proper religions

kalkano1445d ago


Even when they're making a statement by saying that that "proven fake messiah from a game" is the real-world God? You have no problem with that?

At that point, it's a direct assault on GOD, not some fictional character in a game.

Baka-akaB1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

" when they're making a statement by saying that that "proven fake messiah from a game" is the real-world God"

Ridiculous imo . Even in such case , when it is in fact the god creator , that assessment only work when admitting that somehow a virtual world from the game is the same as ours .

And in the example i gave anyway , it's made clear Ajora is an impostor . And in stuff like Xenogears , Deus is a powerful interplanetary invasion system that crashed onto the planet ten thousand years before the game's story begins It then pretends to be god , manupulate events and mankind , and get followers .

In shadow hearts ? A summoned an alien life-form

I should even bother going down a list and that path . Even accepting that flawed logic imo our god the kind that would enslave mankind into pur despair and darkness , especially systematically and with sheer cruelty , like all of those videogames gods ? i dont think so

kalkano1445d ago

"is our god the kind that would enslave mankind into pur despair and darkness , like all of those videogames gods ? i dont think so"

Of course not. My problem is when the games depict him as such. I strongly believe God also has a problem with that. I'd be shocked if he didn't.

Remember, it's not just about how it affects YOU. You're supporting a game that is pushing others away from God. Other people's perception of God can be swayed by this sort of thing.

Baka-akaB1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

There lies the difference between us ... you take it as his own depiction . I dont .

Especially when most times it is clearly established those characters are impostors

I suppose that when you watch a movie , you dont believe the depicted character to be an accurate or similar version of even someone that exists or existed . It's a fiction , however close or not it tries to be

" You're supporting a game that is pushing others away from God."

No i'm not . It's not even worth going into it further it seems . We wont agree either way


Anyway my point wasnt so much to confront anyone , but to make something clear , given how christians are ridiculed these days (or in a few extreme cases ridiculing themselves , as seen with the Westboro Baptist movement) .

Clearly not all of us have theologically based issues with part of gaming or even any games , as i'm showing now .

Samuru1443d ago

Hi, I'm Michael who wrote the above article, and yeah, I agree with you. They have this thing with killing God for some in Grandia 2, or now in Xillia in a way (no spoilers, play the game you'll understand what I mean).

Splice1445d ago

What Would Jesus Play?

Jyndal1445d ago

Mario Kart.
Only Mario Kart.

ShowGun9011444d ago

im pretty sure even JC would think the blue shell is bull**** lol!

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