What Video Games Should Christians Play?

GUG writer, Michael Morejon, talks about what video games Christians should play.

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URNightmare1535d ago

Dante's Inferno would be a game for Christians or any religious person I think. No other game comes to mind at the moment.

mrpsychoticstalker1534d ago

3 bubbles..... I'm impressed!

Anxiously waiting for the sequel of Dantes inferno

tdogchristy901536d ago

Well as a Christian I agree with him on some points. Some games that have violence for violence sake I tend to stay away from. The main example for me is gta, it's violence for violence sake. It's like some movies that curse just to curse without adding to the story they're trying to tell. I love a good story but don't like when it's watered down by shock value. The one thing I will argue however is he mentions war movies violence most of the time is justified given the subject and historical aspect of it then argues against call of duty. That seems odd. I enjoy my games like halo that do have violence and language but it's part of the story and also agree, using gta as an example that violence for violence sake is a turn off for me.

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Splice1535d ago

What Would Jesus Play?

Jyndal1535d ago

Mario Kart.
Only Mario Kart.

ShowGun9011535d ago

im pretty sure even JC would think the blue shell is bull**** lol!

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The story is too old to be commented.