GameStop will be throwing Destiny midnight launch parties

To celebrate the release of GameStop’s most pre-ordered game, GameStop will be throwing Destiny midnight launch parties across America and over 4,100 stores will be taking part.

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Hendrickson1559d ago

Don't think I will be rushing to a launch party that night.

mikeslemonade1558d ago

The game is not that good..

thejigisup1558d ago

Lol you played the game? I only got to play the alpha and beta. I thought those were pretty damn solid. Glad to know the full game sucks though...

XBLSkull1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

It's good enough to tie me over until Bungies real games make their glorious appearance on the Xbox One. All been downhill from them after Halo 3. Fortunately Halo 1-3 are so amazing they are still going to be this years best titles.

Destiny reminds me of a Borderlands that isn't all stupid animated with cell shading and humor that isn't funny - which is actually a great thing. I'll get a few weeks play out of Destiny and that is all I'm looking for. I'm not sure what this grand 10 year plan is for Destiny but I'm not expecting it's going to pan out how they imagine. Destiny beta was fun, but one thing is for sure: It isn't Halo caliber - ESPECIALLY in the competitive multiplayer realm, they must have used all their talent in that realm on Halo or the geniuses behind it joined up with 343i.

Dontworrybhappy1558d ago

I don't have to rush. Digital preoreder on X1 with Vanguard preorder bonuses! Was not expecting bonus so its a.. bonus.

kazuma9991558d ago

I work at panda express and it is next door and I work till 10 30 haha XD so perfect and dont work the next day.

HaveAsandwich1558d ago

im wondering how many panda expresses are next to gamestops, now that you said that. the same setup is in central florida, right near my apartment.

temple1558d ago

My local Gamestop is next to a Panda Express and I live in Del Mar, California (Northern San Diego).

Skankinruby1558d ago

I'm about 50 miles from you in Temecula and game stop is two suites down from panda express lol

FamilyGuy1558d ago

Lol whoa that trippy!
Guess Panda thinks gamers are big fans.

Here in the Antelope Valley (Lancaster and Palmdale area of southern California) we have the same setups. In east Lancaster there's a Panda Express right next door to gamestop, in East Palmdale they are across the street from eachother. In west Palmdale they're right next to eachother too.

It's like one is stalking the other O.o

cr33ping_death1558d ago

Hey im just north of you in the San Fernando Valley :)

qwerty6761558d ago

not a very good idea.

fanboys will start fighting over which version is better.

URNightmare1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Nah! There will only be PS4 gamers in those GameStop lines. The other camp will be making lines in Macy's for their new fragance.

Summons751558d ago

Probably not, the MS fanboys will probably just run up and down the line spraying perfume, eating Doritos and drinking mountain dew.

Kidding aside, the game is going to be really fun anyone on either system will have a grand time!

Dontworrybhappy1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Not a fanboy, but nope! Digital route on Xbox baby!
Also live in Bend, Oregon so play in it 12:01 my time! Don't hate, I'm buying it on Xbox One cause the joysticks on the controller are better and battery life is better on X1 controller. Also more friends on there. Otherwise may have gotten it for my PS4. Still hard to believe its just days away!

Metallox1558d ago

Don't care too much about that...

The food is free, right? x)

WeAreLegion1558d ago

Yeah, they will! I'm bringing pizza!

matrixman921558d ago

so what ur saying is to get there at 12:15, sit in the car, and wait till it empties out?

Seriously, I have never had fun at a midnight launch. Some of the most obnoxious and disgusting people I have ever seen. Not to mention almost everybody smoking in the line completely kills it for me

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Shadonic1558d ago

I went to Best Buy for the Halo 4 one and that was it but I enjoyed it. It was basically a bunch of gamers talking about the game they cant wait to get and other stuff.

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