411 Mania Reviews: Aces of the Galaxy (XBLA)

John Curry Writes:

"Sierra studios brings us Aces of the Galaxy, a space shooter available on the Xbox 360 Live Arcade. It is becoming more obvious to me that I miss the good old fashioned shooting style space games. Unfortunately, often times in order to get enjoy the games of yesteryear we must give up the graphic advancements that we have been blessed with. At least I thought we did."

"To begin with there are three difficulty settings for you to choose from, Easy, Normal, Difficult. Once you have selected your difficulty it is time to select your ship. There is no information given regarding the differences between the ships and based on trying out the three ships the only real difference between them is cosmetic. You have three weapons to use on your ship. You have a rail gun that you will use most of the time, torpedo's that you will use on larger ships, and a set of seeker missiles that you will be able to use on a varying amount of ships depending on how long you hold x and select the different ships."

"This game is a great addition to the XBLA and a game that I hope picks up some popularity on the arcade so that we can expect to see some sequels. While fun to play it does grow a little monotonous but not so much that you get up and walk away never to return. You will enjoy this game. If you have a need for some hardcore gaming with a good mixture of difficulty and graphics this game is definitely for you."

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