How Unreal Engine is changing for the new generation

games™ caught up with the engine’s lead programmer, James Golding, to talk about its success, its journey and its open-licensed future…

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Agent_hitman1557d ago

Undoubtedly, UE tech is the widely used by the developers, and indeed its changing the new generation to the next level..

GearsOfWar1557d ago

I'm really excited to see what Devs are going to be able to do with Unreal this generation.

I wonder which game will be their new flagship title to show off the engine. Gears used to be, but now that the franchise is owned by Microsoft, I'm thinking we might be seeing a new IP from EPIC.

I thought about Bulletstorm and UT, but Bulletstorm never really showed off graphics and UT is more about multiplayer than showcasing the newest engine enhancements.