Sam Lake on Remedy’s live action strategy

Sam Lake, Remedy Entertainment’s creative director, has told ArabicGamers that live action has been a focus of the developer for some time.

In an interview, Lake said that they’d been doing “small things with live action, like the in-game televisions [in Alan Wake] were live action, then we did the prequel show, Bright Falls, and with Alan Wake’s American Nightmare we had even more live action”, but with Quantum Break, they wanted to take it to the next level.

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pierce1534d ago

I'm eager to see how they put the game/TV show dynamic together. And hopefully it's good quality live-action and not some cheap looking production that took a few hours to film.

bunt-custardly1534d ago

Dunno about you but Sam Lake always comes across as really smug. Not sure that's deliberate or he just really loves himself that much.

qwerty6761534d ago

sam lake has always come off a little weird

but at the same time you can tell hes passionate about his work.