NHL 15: EA sweeps 13 game modes on PS4/XBO

EA sweeps a lot of features in NHL 15. There are only seven modes playable in NHL 15, according to EA Access members.

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PeaSFor1501d ago

so, its pretty much a 70$ demo with all the teams, ....such a shame, i skipped last NHL game to get the next game on ps4, look like i will wait again.

knifefight1500d ago

Same here.

Welp, see you in a year, NHL.

riverstars861500d ago

This game is seriously lacking, what were they working on for 2 years?

Soldierone1500d ago

Seriously.... I was so pumped for this game, then they go and ruin it at the last second.... Come on.

The added presentation doesn't make up for this at all. Half the stuff from that gets skipped anyways......

SaffronCurse1500d ago

I'll just keep playing the demo then. Until next year.

Dlacy13g1500d ago

Yeah, it's not a horrible game but at $60 a bit pricey.