Gameplanet reviews Ninja Gaiden 2

Gameplanet reports:

''Let's get this out of the way right now - Ninja Gaiden II is brutal. It's got the lot - decapitations, amputations, huge battles with dozens of foes, crazy combat moves and action so fast you actually can't see what's going on at times. It's also softer in places than its predecessor; a title slanted towards evolution, not revolution.

After all, why reinvent a winning formula? Team Ninja is the first and last word for these frantic fighting titles, and the attention to detail they're renown for from past Dead or Alive releases shines through with this latest offering. Of course, it simply wouldn't be Ninja Gaiden without our erstwhile hero Ryu Hayabusa, who makes a welcome return from (literally) out of nowhere to challenge the Black Spider Clan for dominance, and presumably, the right to wear the tightest leather outfit possible.''

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