FBI and the IDGA working to curb cyber harassment

MWEB GameZone writes:"The willing involvement of a law enforcement body speaks volumes to how serious [cyber harassment] is becoming. I think this makes it unequivocally clear that cyber harassment is a crime and those engaging in it need to understand that."

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FriedGoat1533d ago

I think its better to beware of POLYGON the source (

This is all about the Anti-gamer Zoe Quinn thing, lump all gamers as scum, etc.

I think online harrasment is indeed wrong, but this piece has an agenda.

3-4-51533d ago

Attaining Facts and laying them out accordingly in a professional matter is completely ok IMO.

* Taking it further and personally harassing people is JUST WRONG, and should NOT be tolerated.

It makes you look worse than the person doing the supposedly bad thing, and thus negates and credibility you are trying to earn.

Harassing people is stupid.

People had the facts out there, and then they took it too far.

* It's like the O.J. Simpson case.

* They framed a Guilty Man, IMO, and he then was basically allowed to get away with it, so they could all avoid getting in trouble for tampering with evidence.

They took it too far, and "went there".

That example may not be perfect, but hopefully you can see what I'm saying.

plut0nash1533d ago

IMO this is long overdue

HanCilliers1533d ago

Finally, this is what I've been waiting for. I hope to hear stories about online harassment cases going to court. This should be interesting

Sillicur1533d ago

Finally, glad they are taking these steps!

brighthand1533d ago

As good as this sounds, I'm concerned about the implications this move may have for censorship. For instance, what would be defined as harassment? Could the definition be stretched passed the usual internet trollish behavior to include all the sensible people pointing out grievous errors made by prominent figures in the industry, for instance? How easy would it be for someone playing the 'victim' card to manipulate these policies? We should be happy about this, but in the back of my mind, given what I've seen with governments and new policies and slippery slopes plus special interest groups, I can't help but feel a foreboding of sorts.

mananimal1533d ago


EXACTLY, at least 1 person see's the REAL END GAME, CONTROL.

Hear come the "thought Police".

The secret government do this in EVERY Industry, they create the Problem, and then offer there solution. Be careful what you ask for sheeple.

I seen this a mile away, the Media are just a tool, at the end of the day, its about silencing dissent, anyone who doesn't agree with the Governments and Corporations united are going to be silenced, and the dumb ignorant sheeple fall for it everytime because there dumb and short sighted.

This is bigger than video games, get ready to relinquish more of your rights of free speech for what they would have you believe is security and order.

Just another step towards Totalitarianism.

you watch. smh what a bunch of pawns, people are soooooooo stupid.

I know, more conspiracy BS right? what's the root word in [conspire]acy? Do you see it? Conspire. And what does that word mean?

To make secret plans jointly to commit an unlawful or harmful act.

To plot, scheme, plan, intrigue, machinate, collude, connive, collaborate (the synonyms ).

(of events or circumstances) seem to be working together to bring about a particular result, typically to someone's detriment. YOUR detriment.

Are you trying to say with a straight face (not you brighthand lol)that our so called Government doesn't, hasn't been plotting, scheming, collaborating to take away your rights and freedoms, your Constitution Rights?, to bear arms, to believe what you want to Believe, your insane and dumb if you don't already know this.

The problem is FEAR, simple as that, people are afraid, scared to open there minds to the TRUTH because of what it could cost them, so they stay in la la land, and pretend, pretend they don't get it, pretend it doesn't matter, and pretend those who see the TRUTH are crazy. smh

go ahead disagree, its your right to do so. smh.

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