Need For Speed Rivals now available in EA Access Vault on Xbox One

Neil writes "Looking for a racer to tide you over until Project CARS, Forza Horizon 2 and The Crew hit home? You could do worse than sign up to EA Access and download Need For Speed Rivals right now."

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PridedLlama1565d ago

Nice sot, been waiting for this, downloading as I type :-)

oKidUKo1565d ago

I'll be glad to d/l this to squeeze a few more cheevos out of it.

Zichu1565d ago

Was thinking of buying this at some point, it was also on sale last week and was tempted, but I knew I had other games to play.

How does this work then. If I subscribe to EA Access and download NFS, do I keep it forever as long as I am a member or do the games rotate every month or so and you only have access to that game until it is removed from The Vault?

LAWSON721565d ago

"Vault Titles are subject to change and may be removed, and the online services for certain Vault Titles may be discontinued."

Pulled from policy above

Volkama1565d ago

That's just terms and conditions to cover their asses.

EA's stated intention is to keep games available on the service, and grow the vault catalogue with every addition. They will not be rotating games out.

shloobmm31565d ago

Yeah Peter Moore stated that vault games will not be removed.It can only grow which is a good thing and we'll worth $30 a year.

Kavorklestein1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

The goal is to not take games out of the Vault once they are in the Vault, Peter Moore even said that, but yes, "technically" the games could be changed or removed at any time.. but that defeats the whole point of the incentive, and would make EA look really bad if they did a quick removal of the games in the Vault. My guess is at the very least- We'll have all the games in the Vault for a full year before they are pulled, if they ever DO actually remove any titles from it.

timlot1565d ago

Smells like Value to me.

jrshankill1564d ago

Hell yeah! £20 a year.. 5 AAA titles. What is there not to like?

Brilliant service.

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The story is too old to be commented.