Gameplanet reviews Haze

Gameplanet reports:

''As Shane Carpenter you are a new officer stationed aboard a huge land carrier fighting in a war you barely understand with an army that over stimulates itself with drugs. Welcome to Haze.

As storylines go, this one starts out with a lot of potential. You are fighting against the Promised Hand, who are led by Skin Coat (corporate hype says he wears a coat of human skin). You are new to a combat team that is drugged to the eyeballs with 'nectar'. This drug of choice over-stimulates the body's metabolism allowing you to shoot more accurately, self-repair, and also gain the ability to see in the thermal spectrum.''

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kosha3832d ago

Either these guys take ages to complete a game or they got it late. This game was released ages ago.

SuperSharpShooter3832d ago

why use the drug in haze,just use the real ones,and then play haze,trippy lol