Wii Would Like to Play PS2

"Twilight" Link Former Writes:

Many gamers would have you believe that Nintendo is responsible for the flood of casual gamers and non-gamers who have been introduced to the videogame industry. While I agree that Nintendo is succeeding greatly as they focus their effort appealing to new and untapped audiences, I disagree that they are the ones that encouraged growth in this direction in the first place. Nintendo is taking advantage of the foundation another company had already lain. The true leaders of this gaming revolution are in fact, none other than Sony with its PlayStation 2.

Unlike Nintendo who has shaped their current image to appeal to a new audience beyond the core gamer. Sony insists that their main focus has always been the core gamer. However, while Sony was saying one thing, they were doing something entirely different by encouraging and supporting the development of certain games that were definitely not part of the norm.

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Testo3832d ago

120 Million shows that Sony did a good job at targeting the "casual gamer" with the Ps2.

The PS3 still has yet to shine in this department.

Wii = Casual
Xbox = Hardcore

PS3 = Will hopefully be somewhere in the middle.

Tomdc3832d ago

I completely agree atm PS3 is leaning to the hardcore side quite a bit, but later on it should become an in-betweener more. 360 just seems to have loads of shooters, the only 2 exclusive franchises that r casual for the 360 are viva pinata and banjo kajuju (I know thts completely wrong spelling i dunno wat its called lolz). These seem like great games that I would likely get if I had a 360 but its not enough. PS3 has buzz, singstar, eyetoy, err... yh well there is a bit more I'm sure but its true PS3 does need more.

Pornlord3832d ago

You call viva pinata hardcore??? I'd say that 360 is more for casual, and Ps3 is hardcore. Just look at how much more user friendly 360 is than a PS3, you can't really even utilize some of the PS3's functions (remote play, media server linking, etc.)

DJ3832d ago

And definitely has less clutter. Its extra abilities like connecting to your PC over your home network or connecting to your PSP through Remote Play are actually pretty simple. Hell, my friend's roommate accidentally logged into his (and Chris's) PC through their PS3, and have been loving the feature ever since.

Kyur4ThePain3832d ago

"can't really even utilize some of the PS3's functions (remote play, media server linking, etc.) "

We don't quite know what we're doing, do we?

Syronicus3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I was going to say the same thing. It took me a minute to hook my PC up tot he PS3 and have loved it since. Music, mocies and other goodies, streamed from my PC. The PS3 is a great media hub if you ask me and it all comes with any PC, not a Media Center PC. You don't even want to get me started ont he PS3 to PSP play. Remote play is awesome.

spooky2053832d ago

this is true, but the difference exists that sony studios release games for the hardcore gamers while nintendo has failed to provide with decent hardcore titles for its wii. while there are a few titles that have a m rating on the wii. they are rehashes of old gamecube games everyone else has already played, or games that just aren't worth playing. the system is also plagued by shovelware (there are more crap titles than good ones) since developers see the wii as a quick buck. seriously, a hannah montana game? if you continue to alienate me further nintendo i swear i will never purchase another console of yours ever. i love zelda, but it wouldnt kill you to make a new IP. ps2 > wii.

xhairs3832d ago

I love Harvey Birdman, but I just don't see how a controller game can exist on a console pushing its self towards motion controls.

KingKirchner3832d ago

the difference is, Sony's focus was always on "hardcore" games while the casual games took a backseat wheras Nintendo is now opposite.

midgard2293832d ago

lets not forget wii's only good games r wat? ps2 ports, or last gen ports, resident evil 4, tenkaichi 2 and 3, guilty gear accent core, twilight princess, okami, fatal frame, rygar, house of the dead and more. i dunno wii is copyin ps2's sucess and saying hey we have another control style to play it with lol.

and yeah ps3's xmb is way easier to use than 360's. i have both im im like uggh its cramped in here lol. ps3's is general and easy, video, music, demo folder, games, save folder. basically everything has its correct spot and sub folders, 360's is just everywhere, and doesnt look very nice or neat

Intrepid3832d ago

Explain how Resident Evil 4, Tenkaichi 2 and 3, Twilight Princess, Fatal Frame, and House of the Dead are copying Playstation 2? You, my friend, seem desperate to put the Wii down.

GFahim3832d ago

if ur gonna mention fatal frame (4) then i might as well mention mgs 4, gta 4 and dmc 4 how about that?! u really do seem desperate

midgard2293832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

ya mis understood me, i didnt mean that they are continuing the games, i meant that those are all ports from last gen consoles.

smash, galaxy, metroid 3 and no more heroes only good games that werent a port. maybe now ya understand me lol specially gfain. using MGS4 in ur comment made me realize ya mis understood

im not speakin of sequals i meant last gen ports. which all i listed (except fatal 4 sorry) were ports

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