Frugal Gaming Review | Lichdom BattleMage

Picture this, a Mage without a mana bar or cast cooldown. A magical menagerie of spell crafting possibilities only limited by your creativity and preferences.
With that picture in mind, you have the basic premise of Lichdom BattleMage- Writes Mark Kerry

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PridedLlama1533d ago

Added this to my wishlist on Steam, pretty sure it wont stay at that price for long and if it does the Winter Sale isnt far off now, looking forward to playing it.

FrugalDaz1533d ago

It does sound like a (very) hidden gem.

karlosmorale1533d ago

TB has done a video and it's been on the Stram front page. It's not that hidden! Lpoks great but I'll wait for a price drop.

UglyGeezer1533d ago

First I had heard of it was this review.

GoogleYourMama1533d ago

Its an awesome game, the developers really listened to people on the early access. So I think it can only get better with time. There is also dlc planned apparently.