Both Metal Gear Solid V and P.T. Will Be on Stage at Tokyo Game Show, But Won’t Be Playable

Konami just announced with a press release that both Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and the Kojima’s P.T. will be presented at Tokyo Game Show.

Both games will be introduced with a video and with a stage presentation, but neither will actually be playable.

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mafiahajeri1509d ago

I think they should call PT the phantom pain...

vishmarx1509d ago

why are they advertising pt so much? its free, its already out ,limited to 1 platform, its a demo and its not even the final representation of the game.
as awesome as it was i dont see the point of giving more stage demos

DarkOcelet1509d ago

Maybe because it's awesome and its gonna be something so more people recognise silent hills and that its gonna be a true next gen scary Silent hill with kojima on the helm .

Ratty1509d ago

I think vishmarx is talking about PT specifically, not Silent Hills.

CamillaAddiction1509d ago

RELEASE DATE PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gatsu1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I don't care if MGSV is playable or not, I'll get to play it when I buy the game :D. All I just wanna see is the RELEASE DATE finallyyyyy please Kojima ;O....please I beg you ;( !

BiggerBoss1509d ago

2014. 2014. 2014. *crosses fingers*

Plagasx1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I would be completely shocked if it was actually releasing this

SmielmaN1509d ago

I hope so, but I'm thinking it's a 2015 game now. You know there's going to be wild preorder bonus stuff available overseas and we haven't seen anything along those lines yet for Phantom Pain. But maybe feb/march 2015? I could live with that.

Kalebninja1509d ago

playable teaser (P.t. hurdedurrr) not playable? ironic title

PaleMoonDeath1509d ago

Maybe a little trailer for the actual Silent Hill game? that would be absolutley sick.

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