Eurogamer - Project Cars is already a better racing game than Forza or Gran Turismo

Eurogamer: Slightly Mad Studios is in fighting mood. There's a slight cockiness to creative director Andy Tudor as he runs through the crowd-funded, crowd-developed game, taking an assembled audience at Brands Hatch through everything that will make Project Cars stand out, and how it's out to compete against the big hitters, against Gran Turismo and Forza. There's an admirable, tenacious bite to the demeanour, too - I can't help but think of iconic images of a sprightly Lotus Cortina snapping at the heels of the wallowing Ford Galaxie in 60s saloon racing.

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Abriael1565d ago

Oh look, comparing games that are basically different genres (full sim vs arcade/sim hybrids) to flamebait. Good job Eurogamer.

Next time we'll see a comparison between Ace Combat and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Future_20151565d ago

How is Gran Turismo not a full sim racer?

vishmarx1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

how is project cars any better than either when it hasnt even released?
not saying its bad, but before saying something is better than 2 widely accomplished series one would need an extensive analysis of not just the finished product but also how well and long it holds up,
eurogamer is making such statements just to piss off the relatively high number of forza/gt fans and get more clicks. and dare i say it doesnt give a rat's ass about project cars either.

project cars has proven NOTHING outside slick glorified visuals. how the content is , or how the driving feels or how the online is cannot be determined until its in consumer's hands and it would be immature to give a verdict on it, especially one with a magnitude such as this.

EG knows fully well what the headline reads, and they didnt even bother to put quotation marks or the name of the director beside the statement

Ballsack1565d ago

Eurogamer fishing for hits again

Vitalogy1565d ago

@Future_2015 troll hard next time *sigh*

How can a comparison be made anyway? One game (GT6) was released 9 months ago and the other is still in development o.O

Also, pretty unbiased comparison right, lets compare a ps3 game with a ps4/xbox one game... *rolls eyes* /s

orakle441565d ago

Gran Turismo is as close as a sim as we've seen on consoles, but its not anywhere near what a real racing sim is. If you want to experience a real sim, give iRacing a go. I used to think GT was a sim until I starting playing iRacing. The game is so deep and the driving experience is boatloads better than GT, but that's most likely because a PC can just handle so much more behind the scenes.

I've played Project Car's as well on the PC, it is quite good. I'd say its a good mix of GT/Forza and iRacing/Simraceway. It's not as hardcore (which will be a good thing) as a true sim, but it's also quite better then GT/Forza.

imt5581565d ago


Ask gamers who played beta. PCARS is serious sim racer.

morganfell1565d ago

One of the 3 games in the comparison does not yet have a next gen entry. Nice try Eurogamer...not.

And as stated by Abriael, Sim vs Arcade? Really?

orakle441565d ago


People like myself have been playing project cars for the last year and a half. So you saying that they have proven "NOTHING" is just flat out ignorance. People have been experiencing the content and the controls for quite awhile know, so please next time you comment on something make sure you know what your talking about first.

Boody-Bandit1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

What's an arcade or arcade/sim hybrid? I hope you guys aren't saying Project Cars is the one that you're referring to.

I played Project Cars on the PC for months. I am a huge Forza / GT fan but eurogamer isn't really surfing for hits. Project Cars is a fantastic game and I'm not even a fan of Slightly Mad Studios. Actually I'm quite the opposite. They literally ruined both NFS Shift games when it came to FFB Wheel controls.

So I went into PCars with low expectations and those expectations where blown out of the water after my playing the game for a half hour. Wait until you play this game. If it's anything on the PS4 and X1 like it is on the PC? You guys are in for a treat. Seriously, I'm not kidding. It's that good.

Racing games take up 80% of my gaming time. It's far and away my favorite genre. Project Cars is one of the best experiences I have ever had on my wheel.

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jackanderson19851565d ago

it was Project Cars creative director, Andy Tudor, that was making the comparison.... EG were just reporting what he said

Torque_CS_Lewith1565d ago

Isn't this kinda like the pot calling the kettle black? I mean Dualshockers is no saint as far as clickbait goes.

AndrewLB1565d ago

Now you're just trying to make excuses for Gran Turismo and Forza. GT is clearly a full on Racing Sim, and having an arcade mode doesn't change that fact. Forza is also a racing sim, and has some Arcade aspects but its main focus is on it being an actual racing simulator.

I should also mention that recently the developer for DriveClub stated in an interview that their game is right in the middle between simulator and arcade. So much for those excuses.

cj1pate1011565d ago

Didn't read the article hmm? "Obviously we're up against it, but I think we've got that bulldog mentality, and people root for the underdog," Tudor tells us after the presentation about Project Cars' prospects against well-established competition. "I think it's pretty bold to say that we're trying to beat Forza and Gran Turismo - I hope people at least put them in the same category, and see us as an alternative."

starchild1564d ago

I don't agree that they are completely separate genres. It's more like a continuum. Each game has it's own degree of sim-ness or arcadey-ness but none of them are 100% pure. They're similar enough to be compared for sure.

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ScorpiusX1565d ago

It's okay to think highly of one self , but best not to let it go to your head and get carried away in your own hype.

Inzo1565d ago

Pssh, another pretender.

tee_bag2421565d ago

Well each of those titles have their strengths. GT has the car line up.. at least the oldies did (yes I love have every model of Skyline etc). Forza has gameplay to die for. PCars I'm very interested in but I doubt it has the line up of cars from GT, I'm just hoping it adds more sim to a Forza style of gameplay.
Ill grab this game but calling 1 a victor is flamebate.

elazz1565d ago

To be honest I didn't like playing Forza 4 (all settings off) because of the gameplay. It was too easy and my actions didn't correspond on what would happen in a real car. That annoyed me while GT5 and especially 6 felt more natural with real driving. However the sense of speed and the feel of racing was better done by Forza.

tee_bag2421565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Yeah they both have their merits. I found GT focused alot of their physics on weight shift and the suspension and Forza more on the tire traction. I liked how Forza let you break traction in high horsepowered cars much like a real car but GT had some kind of artificially launch control always on. Both are great games and pretty much must have's if you like racing.
PCars will need have to have a pretty special engine to make up for its lack of cars and modding. But I welcome any racing game that takes itself seriously.

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