Step lightly, the Dota 2 Goblin Techies is here

MWEB GameZone writes: "Valve has released an update that features the Goblin Techies, a hero that will change the way public Dota 2 games are played forever and will either be loved or absolutely hated by players."

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CongoKyle1562d ago

Time to take another 6 month Dota 2 hiatus.

Sillicur1562d ago

Haha, or why not just play something like SD or another type of draft? :) But yeh, I wonder how long it will take before every single allpick game does not have a techies.

The novelty will not wear off quickly!

el_bandito1561d ago

Ahhh... I guess I won't be seeing Pudges, Tinkers, and Invokers in pubs for quite a while.

Sillicur1561d ago

Hehe why no pudges? they combo so well with the techies !

lord zaid1561d ago

Will this make it easier for a newbie like me to get into DOTA 2?

Didn't think so

Sillicur1561d ago

No but it will make it much, much funnier!