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Boomtown Reviews: Metal Gear Solid 4

If it aint broke, there's no harm in tweaking it a bit to make it better, right? Well certain gameplay enhancements have been made to the latest in the franchise. Now set in 2014, weapons are ID tagged to specific soldiers, so that you can't use any old item you pick up off enemies unless you have it hacked, which is easy to get done, by Drebin, a war profiteer that will do it for a modest fee in Drebin points, easily acquired by the automatic selling of excess guns to him. It's a clever way of making sure that whatever enemies use, you will be staggered and slowly develop when it comes to the power of your weapons.

If you're coming to Metal Gear Solid 4 from the rest of the franchise, you probably know what you're getting yourself in to with respect to long cinematics and story extrapolation, and the amount in this game is certainly comparable to previous games in the franchise. Indeed, it seems like they've replaced the majority of the long codec conversations with well made cinematics but the problem is that there seems to be less game to be padded by these cutscenes, so they seem to be a larger proportion of the overall experience. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 8/10

pwnsause  +   2601d ago
oh god, another shoddy reviewer giving gameplay a 6 out of 10. and durability. seriously people dont trust these sites.
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Lyan  +   2601d ago
I've played through the game twice now. First time I immersed myself in everything; enjoyed all of the cut scenes, explored every level, swept myself in the story. The problem I realized was revealed in my second play through. I was able to sneak through "nearly" every level and tried to kill as few people as possible, including every beauty/beast, and did all of it in a very minimal amount of time. The game play was a very minor aspect of the game while the rest of it was a movie. It made me realize how little interaction there was with it, which is what games are about.

I don't think it deserves as low as an 8, but its definitely not a perfect game imo. Looking forward to trying out the online portion, which seems to barely mentioned in the review and in a negative light.
SickNick85  +   2601d ago
it's fanboy ridiculus review...i play mgs4 today...at the second chapter of five i play for TEN Hour...if they give a 6 for a 25 hour game leght they give 2 to Halo 3 and Gears of war...

Gameplay is sublime but any fanboy attack everything...
Sez  +   2601d ago
the reason they didn't give halo 3 a 2 out of 10 was because you can actually play the game with some cutscreen. with MGS4 you have 80% cut screens and 20% gameplay. yes i own the game since thurday night and i am at act5 (old sun).

@below. whatever help you sleep at night.
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doshey  +   2601d ago
ya ur full of sh!t
Veryangryxbot  +   2601d ago
Is this the only way the 360 camp can throw at MGS4? Lengthy cutscenes?
I think you are full of shiat as the lengthy cutscenes doesnot bother anyone at all.

@everyone else
dont trust these biased sites. You want an impartial review?
Try my user review
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TheExecutive  +   2601d ago
80% to 20% is a complete exaggeration. Go find something else to do
Sez  +   2601d ago
you know what maybe i did exaggerate with the 80% CS and 20% gameplay. i forgot that you can push the X and L1 botton in the middle of the cutscreen. so it's really 78% cutscreens and 22% gameplay.
Silogon  +   2601d ago
Boomtown huh? Never heard of them but that's not uncommon for these low MGS4 scores because all sites who are nobodies love to stir the pot to get some placement in the world of somebodies.
Johnny Cullen  +   2601d ago
Just another site looking to be part of the 1337 club of 8's given to MGS4 which is filled by Eurogamer and GameDaily (I aint gonna diss Edge, thats the gaming bible of Europe...and I say that with caution as there actually is a preist sitting behind me as I write this xD)
STARS  +   2601d ago
Heh, looks like your "gaming bible of Europe" dropped the proverbial ball then, as did these jokers (6 for gameplay?! GTFO!) Because this game is certainly no 8/10. If anybody has any doubts, play it for yourself. It's a masterpiece and nothing less. I guess some websites are just in need of some hits apparently.
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ice_prophecy  +   2601d ago
I do get tired of pasting this.

"Eurogamer contributors include PC Gamer, Games TM and Edge magazine writers such as Oliver Welsh (Edge), Kieron Gillen (PC Gamer/ Edge), Jim Rossignol (PC Gamer/ Edge), John Walker (PC Gamer), Simon Parkin (Edge), Alec Meer (PC Gamer), Richard Leadbetter (Mean Machines), Dan Whitehead, Keza MacDonald (Games TM), and David McCarthy (Edge, MCV), as well as former GamesIndustry.biz editor Rob Fahey. Additionally, a number of regular contributors to the site write under pseudonyms (such as Egon Superb)."

http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... (Line 1, Paragraph 4)

But please do get over it :)
Tryst  +   2601d ago
Sorry Jonhnny, but I have to disagree here.

EDGE has given the following games 8's...

Gears of War,

The first two games went on to win game of the year, and MSG4 might just do that as well. But the same magazine went on to give Halo3 and GTA4 10's - the most over hyped games that have come out over the last year. Now for a magazine to not appreciate when a stunning game comes out, for its standards, is not accepted and for this reason EDGE has gone to the crap pan for me.

Edge is clearly getting funds from the publishers that it gives 10's.
Kaneda  +   2601d ago
Gameplay 6
"I still loved the experience, couldn’t wait to play more, and am playing through again (keeping my unlocked items and Drebin Points) for fun"..

if the gameplay is that bad.. you go back to play COD4.. you don't play again..
IzKyD1331  +   2601d ago
oh boy, everyone who gives this game an 8 just doesnt get the game...
xhairs  +   2601d ago
6/10 on gameplay?
Shouldn't gameplay be rated by the experience of the gameplay and not the length? That's what boggles me is everyone is complaining about the cut scenes being the majority of the game and that doesn't seem to be a valid reason for gameplay being a 6 when the fact is when you do actually play, it's incredible.
beavis4play  +   2601d ago
seems like (after reading the reviews) the three sites that gave 8s-gave them based on personal preference and not as an impartial review. i'm on chapter three, and i've loved the whole game so far. cut-scenes are fantastic and i can't wait to finish so i can start game again.
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Mike Bowden  +   2601d ago
Every review is personal preference. A review is the opinion of one person, how can it not be personal?
HowarthsNJ  +   2601d ago
Personal or not, this is poorly written.
An incoherent mess.
Syronicus  +   2601d ago
Didn't bother checking the site out.
I hate feeding sites like this with hits. They run poorly written reviews for hts and I just can't break down to do it.
Xiru  +   2601d ago
This is why games like Ocarina of Time are still #1 in the overall rankings, because it didn't have to worry about no name reviewers lowering its score. Back in the N64 days, there were only a few big reviewers who had any say in what score a game should get. Now everyone who has an opinion can post a review and it goes onto the main gamerankings score if posted. Seriously, what the heck is boomtown?
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Ju  +   2601d ago
I see. That guy wanted more. And to some degree I can agree to that. I miss the one shot kills. But then, I am not playing it on hard yet, so I don't know. That would reinforce stealth behavior a bit while the current gameplay is a bit of a concession to the causual crowd.
Durffen  +   2601d ago
You gave Metal Gear Solid 4 something less then a 10?

Get off the internet.

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MazzingerZ  +   2601d ago
my aunt started to blog and actually reviewed MGS3, well I told her that is actually MGS4 but she says it's MGS3 because is the continuation of MGS2, go figure...

Anyway, she gave the game a 5/10...can I post that here?...I mean, after seeing this I think any review can be posted... or?
Raspinudo  +   2601d ago
This is utterly ridiculous. I am fine with people having their own opinions, if they think mgs4 is an 8, ok. IMO it is a 10, but we have to remember MGS is a niche game, very hit or miss. The only problem I have is that N4g is allowing every loser with a blog to post his/her review to get some hits on their lackluster excuse for a site. Also, I noticed most people giving MGS an 8 are European sites. Guess you old chaps cant appreciate an American hero story.

edit: Im not going to be listening to N4gs metas any more since they have no filter to what goes into them. Gamestats does alot better of a job, by only letting legit gaming sites onto the meta average.
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xhairs  +   2601d ago
juuken  +   2601d ago
...A 6 for gameplay?
ar  +   2601d ago
Hey since when is 8 of 10 a bad score?
This pretty much says it all: http://www.penny-arcade.com...

Chill out! Play the game. Enjoy it. What's with all this hate against someone not having the same opinion as you?
I'm loving the game but I don't spend time on the internet screaming at people and calling them names just because they doesn't share my taste.
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tako2000  +   2601d ago
IF the reviewer bash the score because long cut-science and/or they don't get the story as a whole, fine~ we all know the biggest strength is also MGS4 biggest weakness.

WTF is with the game play score? MGS4 include many different situation to create different game play, which is really fun to change pace from stealth/shooting game play. He really should just give the overall score he feel and exclude his dislike with cut-science/story from game play part.
steck67  +   2601d ago

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