A Closer Look At The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate New Nintendo 3DS XL

"The first limited edition New Nintendo 3DS system will be a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate handheld with a lead hunter mark on the front of the 3DS XL."

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George Sears1559d ago

Nintendo knows exactly what they're doing. A new version of the current device, bundled with one of the biggest non Nintendo handheld franchises around. A recipe for success.

crazysammy1559d ago

I love your username. That is all.

Vegamyster1559d ago

Ooooh i like that, want to see the inside.

Blank1559d ago

Looks nice but the author need to put its the 3DS LL not XL but aside from that its nice and all but I wish it was the smash bros 3DS that got shotgun on being the first limited edition 3DS LL.

Perjoss1559d ago

I wish Monster Hunter was coming to either the Playstation, Xbox or even the WiiU again, I loved playing the last one on my WiiU!

Sentient5451559d ago

But we'll never see it in North America.

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