Unreal Engine 4 Becoming Free for Academic Use is an Amazing Idea

8CN: It's really easy in this industry to get weighed down by negativity. There are a lot of things that legitimately make me emberassed to call myself a gamer, at times. These past weeks or so have been especially complicated and frustrating, as both a journalist and a game enthusiast. Every now and then, though, there's a ltitle bit of light that makes me think this whole crazy gaming thing might just turn out okay.

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Ck1x1533d ago

Someone has to use it...

Somebody1533d ago

I might if it's easy to use.

I recently used Far Cry 3 in my English class and for several years I planned to make an educational mod using Arma 2 but I kept postponing it. I even downloaded CryEngine3 but it was immediately scrapped when I discovered that I needed to be online to use it(there's no internet connection at my school where I stay for most of the week).

The_Blue1533d ago

Used the engine back in high school, might give it a shot again next year sometimes after I'm done having fun with Unity.